Look!: “Ivan’s Childhood”; “La Pivellina”; Steven Greydanus’s Top 10 List Collection; Joel Avery on “Melancholia” & the Apocalypse; More…

Look!These links caught my attention today, for one reason or another.Check back later. I may add more look-worthy links as the day goes on.-Last night, thanks to the new Criterion blu-ray release, I finally got around to watching Ivan's Childhood, the first feature film by master filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky.I've seen Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev, Zerkalo (The Mirror), Solaris, and The Sacrifice enough times to count them among my favorite films, but have never managed to sit … [Read more...]

Today at Filmwell: Mike Hertenstein Climbs “Treeless Mountain”

I'm back from The Netherlands, and I hope to cook up a good long journal entry for you about all of the exciting things that happened there.Meanwhile...Have I expressed how excited I am about Filmwell, and all that is is slowly becoming? We decided *not* to prescribe what the site would be. We made a list of places we wouldn't go, things we wanted to avoid, and then decided to let a mystery emerge. What would happen in the chemistry of relationships, the variations in perspective among a … [Read more...]

When Lightning Struck…

Ever been struck by lightning while watching a movie?That is to say, can you remember an occasion when a particular moment in a movie changed the way you watch movies?Was there a foreign film that opened the door to an appreciation of subtitled movies? Or a sequence that made you interested in something other than just The Story?In the last pages of Through a Screen Darkly, I wrote about Mike Hertenstein, the guy behind the Cornerstone festival's excellent film program Flickerings. I … [Read more...]

The most challenging little film festival in the country!

If you can find a more challenging film festival for the head, the heart, and the soul anywhere in the country, tell me about it.Festival director Mike Hertenstein has just unveiled the screening schedule for FLICKERINGS, the out-of-the-way film program that is part of the Cornerstone Festival.I was there in 2003 and a time so rich and memorable that it feels like it happened yesterday. And Hertenstein's lineups of movies have improved each year.I wish I could make it this year, but … [Read more...]

Change of plans…. No Cornerstone for me this year.

Earlier I had announced that I'd be leading seminars at Cornerstone this summer.Unfortunately, I've had to withdraw, due to some very good news that means I'll be even busier this summer.I hope to be able to share the news with you, but it could be a while in coming. … [Read more...]

What the #$*! Do We Know? (2004)

This is a guest review generously contributed by Mike Hertenstein.-What the #$*! Do We Know? aims to blow your mind: a worthy goal, and one that should surely be in some way the goal of any film: to expand our vision, our sense of the world, our possibilities – as C. S. Lewis says, to help us see with other eyes and so “enlarge our being.” The jumping-off place here is the admittedly mind-blowing world of cutting-edge science: mostly subatomic physics and biochemistry at the mind-body fro … [Read more...]