Spielberg Attacks "Extremist" Munich Critics

Spielberg defends his movie... "Munich" was blasted by some US Jewish commentators who accused Spielberg of equating the Israeli assassins with the Palestinian militants.Spielberg dismissed the charges as "nonsense"."These critics are acting as if we were all missing a moral compass. Of course it is a horrible, abominable crime when people are taken hostage and killed like in Munich," he said."But it does not excuse the act when you ask what the motives of the perpetrators were and … [Read more...]

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Seattle Seahawk Sunday specials:SAM ROCKWELL IS (not)... BATMAN! If you really want to see what happens when Sam Rockwell puts on a Batman suit, click here, then click on the image from the film. Don't say I didn't warn you. (PG-13-level content)THE MUNICH WARS GreenCine Daily rounds up the latest bulletins. Screenwriter Tony Kushner starts it off saying, In the last month, the co-creators of Munich have been accused of being apologists for the Palestinians, apologists for Israel, … [Read more...]

Munich: A movie that reflects Spielberg’s belief in sin.

Which mainstream film critic said THIS about Steven Spielberg's Munich? Today’s movie culture has so thoroughly written off the concept of sin that any movie ridiculing it (from Hellboy and My Summer of Love to Squid and the Whale) is guaranteed to be widely praised. This fondness for transgression might explain the trouble Spielberg has run into with Munich. He explicates a grievous sense of wrong-doing that communicates best to those who are open to an Ecumenical view of life (or if that term … [Read more...]

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Friday specials:DEFENDING MUNICH Here's a forceful, well-composed defense of Steven Spielberg's Munich, which I think is his most restrained, mature, and challenging film since... oh... 1987's Empire of the Sun. (It's at Salon, so if you don't subscribe, just click and watch the brief advertisement so you can get access to the whole article.) This one's going in my Top Ten of 2005.G.K. CHESTERTON ... THE BLOG If Chesterton was blogging today, he'd be my first Web stop of the day. … [Read more...]

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Sunday's specials:David Brooks reviews Munich!In Spielberg's Middle East the only way to achieve peace is by renouncing violence. But in the real Middle East the only way to achieve peace is through military victory over the fanatics, accompanied by compromise between the reasonable elements on each side. Somebody, the Israelis or the Palestinian Authority, has to defeat Hamas and the other terrorist groups. Far from leading to a downward cycle, this kind of violence is the … [Read more...]

Spielberg’s New Challenge: No… Not "War of the Worlds"

This is the Spielberg film I can't wait to see. … [Read more...]