Revisiting Marla: Did Their Kid Paint That? [Updated!]

Today, Marla Olmstead is 13 years old. I wonder what she's like. Is she still painting? Does she do interviews yet? Or does her family shield her from the press?If anybody out there knows, send me an update.-UPDATE: A friend on Facebook has alerted me to this: Apparently she's still painting... and she gave an interview at an innovation and creativity conference in January: -Five years ago today, I saw My Kid Could Paint That for the first time. It was an incredible experience. … [Read more...]

Reader Mail: “The Shack”; Sixpence’s Christmas; “My Kid Could Paint That”; “Sex and the City ” Claims Another Victim.

Ted writes: What's your opinion of The Shack? I'm disturbed by the fact that so many Christians are buying a book that portrays God as a woman. It's dangerous to expose ourselves to books that preach a false theology. … [Read more...]

“My Kid Could Paint That” … Three Days in a Row. (It’s that good.)

I always take Ken Morefield's recommendations seriously.So, when I saw My Kid Could Paint That had arrived at my local video store, I started looking for an opportunity to rent it. Then, Tuesday night, I found it sitting on the DVD shelf of my local public library, and I snatched it up.Anne and I watched it late Tuesday night. We were riveted. I lay awake in bed thinking about it.I showed it to some friends on Wednesday. I thought about it all afternoon. Later, I made significant … [Read more...]

My Kid Could Paint That (2007) – A Guest Review from Kenneth R. Morefield

Here's the final review from the Toronto International Film Festival written for Looking Closer by Ken Morefield of Campbell University. Thank you, Ken, for such thoughtful reflections on what look like very exciting films.- One of the pleasures of attending The Toronto International Film Festival is discovering new films and, perhaps, being part of the buzz that earns them a wider screening. Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary is just the sort of film that I’m glad I saw and hope to garner some att … [Read more...]