“Jesus is Mine”

I have a recording of my friend Nathan Partain singing a hymn called "Jesus is Mine." I'm grateful to have his permission to share it with you.If you're interested in the history of the hymn, you can read about the history of the hymn here, in this excerpt from The Complete Book of Hymns.I had never heard it, though, until Nathan wrote a new arrangement and performed it in church. It moved me to tears, and remains, for me, the song in my music collection that moves me most deeply. I have … [Read more...]

U2 in Church … A Wonderful Night

I had to fight back some serious surges of emotion tonight as a dream came true for me. I'd always wanted to share with my church what it is about U2 that moves me so much, what it is about their work that has transformed my life and drawn me closer to God.My pastor invited me to do just that this week, and tonight I was given the better part of an hour to tell U2's story, to draw the attention of the congregation to the poetry of Bono's lyrics, to talk about how cleverly and brilliantly … [Read more...]