So It Begins: National Board of Review Honors

The National Board of Review's awards for 2010 have been announced.The always-dubious affair has some typically excellent examples of "Wow! Awesome!" and "What the...?" And, as always, this sparks a season of everybody else coming up with better selections than these.A few highlights: … [Read more...]

Lists 2008: National Board of Review

And so it begins.(Via USA Today) The National Board of Review kicks off the award season with their picks for 2008: … [Read more...]

Specials: National Board of What?; Time Out on NY Critics; Battlestar Galactica

"The National Board of Review" - impressive name, no credibility At Hollywood Elsewhere today, Jeffrey Wells links to Roger Friedman's bit about the National Board of (not-so-credible) Review. Who are they to be naming the Best Films of 2006? Find out.And speaking of reviewers... … [Read more...]

So It Begins: National Board of Review’s Top Ten of 2006

The National Board of Review, a secretive and suspicious society of film reviewers, have come up with their Top Ten of 2006.Their best picture pick? Letters from Iwo Jima, Clint Eastwood's follow-up to Flags of Our Fathers. … [Read more...]

Who Will Stand Up for The Incredibles?

No mainstream American film this year has earned a higher combination of critical acclaim and audience enthusiasm than The Incredibles.So, why isn't the film in the National Board of Review's Top Ten of 2004?Do they consider a film that can impress all ages to be unsophisticated?What could possibly be the reason? … [Read more...]