Browser:, Pixar Wine, Nick Cave’s Gladiator 2, St. Vincent… and Love.

I'm sorry that things have been slow on the blog lately. I've just wrapped up an essay for an upcoming issue of Image, and I'm burning the midnight oil as I revise Raven's Ladder for an early 2010 publication.But I've collected a few links I thought you might enjoy:1.Speaking of is, to my knowledge, the busiest, best, and longest-running online community for people interested in movies, music, visual arts, literature, politics, and faith. I was there for … [Read more...]

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus

In the Bible of contemporary gospel music, Nick Cave’s new pair of albums prove he’s a Major Prophet.Like David Eugene Edwards (of Sixteen Horsepower and Woven Hand), Cave’s brutal honesty, surreal symbolism, zeal for the sublime, and righteous anger at himself and the reset of humanity sets him up as one of rock and roll’s equivalents to John the Baptist crying in the wilderness, making way for the return of the Lord even as he decries those who claim to speak for God.Cave embraces his r … [Read more...]

Specials: Coppola on Great “Young Directors.” Nick Cave Raises Lazarus. Performances We Won’t See.

Coppola's Favorite Young Directors Francis Ford Coppola on his favorite "young directors": Q: With the caveat that you can't name anyone related to you, are there any young directors out there whose work feels to you like the stuff that you and your chums were making back in the day?A: I know this is gonna sound funny, but the one young director I really admire is Woody Allen, because he writes 'em, and he makes 'em, and he goes on undaunted and just does it, and every film he makes has … [Read more...]

The New Yorker’s Anthony Lane on Nick Cave’s "The Proposition"

Anthony Lane: ... “The Proposition,” in its morality as well as in its geography, is not just basic but Biblical. Directed by John Hillcoat, it shows humanity striving for a New Testament way of life with a Cain-and-Abel drama on the doorstep. … [Read more...]

Nick Cave Out-U2’s U2

Nick Cave released two new albums on the same day, in the same package, recently, and when I put it on, my stereo caught fire. … [Read more...]