Eno déjà vu.

As I discovered the cover art for Brian Eno's exciting new instrumental work Small Craft on a Milk Sea - which happens to sound like a sequel to his Passengers collaboration with U2 - I thought, Wow. That looks really familiar.Then I remembered this... … [Read more...]

U2’s next album is “Songs of Ascent”, coming soon.

I'm actually more excited about hearing *this* album, due to Bono's description (which, as most U2 fans know, usually isn't, um, precise): U2 just released its first album since 2004 this week, but the Irish rock band is already planning a quickie follow-up for next year.The new disc will be called "Songs of Ascent," and it will be more mellow than the current album, "No Line on the Horizon," singer Bono says in a cover story in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. And in the … [Read more...]

Breathe, U2 Fans. It’s Here.

And just for old time's sake... my favorite five minutes of U2's history, right here: … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on “No Line On the Horizon”

Here's Whitman's take on U2's No Line on the Horizon. … [Read more...]

Your First Impressions of U2’s New Album

While I'm waiting until March 3 so I can have my little U2 album-unwrapping ritual, I'd love to hear from you.Now that there's a way to hear the album early legally and with the band's blessing, what do you think of it?(You did see this news about today's MySpace release, didn't you?)Here's David Fricke's 5-star review in Rolling Stone, for whatever that's worth. … [Read more...]

New Zoo Reviews: U2’s “No Line on the Horizon”

Even the haters would have to admit: This is a pretty cool story.Yeah, the hype for U2's upcoming album has come to a boil.But is this just "hype"? Check out these reviews... … [Read more...]

U2’s New Single Lets Us In the Sound

WARNING: This post is written by an unapologetic U2 fanboy. Extreme enthusiasm ahead.UPDATE: Here's Ann Powers in the LA Times considering the new song.I've just listened to "Get On Your Boots" about five times through after buying it from iTunes.It showed up at the iTunes Store for a very short time tonight, and now the Search that I used to find it isn't working anymore. (I'm sure it'll be back up there soon.)Anyway... in my humble opinion, the song is a lightning bolt of … [Read more...]

McCormack on U2’s new album

Neil McCormick on U2's No Line on the Horizon: So what can I tell you without infringing copyright? It took two listens to find my way into it, which has to be good a thing. It is dense, twisty, shiny, modern pop music, a big mash up of Eno ambience, Edge electricity, rhythm and soul. There are verses and choruses, though not necessarily in that order (and quite often its hard to tell which is which). It doesn't feel the need to hit you over the head, but has the Ninja confidence to sneak up … [Read more...]

U2’s “No Line on the Horizon” arrives March 3.

The Washington Post: Irish rockers U2 have named their new album "No Line On The Horizon," and will release it worldwide in early March, their label said on Thursday. … [Read more...]

U2 Album Shaping Up to Be Something Special

NME reports on the progress of U2's next album: "We did some recording in Morocco last year[, said Bono. "All the band went to an amazing religious music festival in Fez with some incredible sufi singers. It was a real humbling thing for a punk rock shouter, listening to these people who just close their eyes for 40 minutes and sing the most sophisticated melodies."He added: "We got this little riad, a small hotel with a courtyard in the middle and set up the band there, with a square of … [Read more...]