Hi 5: Creativity in the Dark; Sam Phillips; Todd Fadel; Mike D’Angelo; Matt Zoller Seitz; John Sayles; and More.

What is Hi 5 to the Face? Find out here.This week, Hi 5s go out to...Fast Company's Eric Jaffe: For this fantastic article on "Why Creativity Thrives in the Dark."I've known instinctively since childhood that I'm more creative in a dimly lit, or dark, room. And since high school I've felt frustrated in rooms brightly lit with fluorescent panels, sensing my best creativity and capacity for learning is going to waste beneath them. Under fluorescent arrays, I feel like a bug on a bug … [Read more...]


Over the Rhine is enjoying an excellent 2011 so far.Their fan-funded album The Long Surrender, my personal favorite from their entire 20-year catalog, is enjoying rave reviews all over the place. One of the highlights of their current success came last week, when they were interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered." … [Read more...]


My word for this is "awesome." … [Read more...]

NPR: “The New Christian Film Industry!” Christianity Today: “Make It Stop!”

NPR recently ran a story about the (supposedly) exciting new "Christian movie industry."The story contained this quote: … [Read more...]

Decemberists, live, tonight on NPR.

The Decemberists live on NPR, tonight! … [Read more...]

Watch a Short Sam Phillips Concert on NPR

Sam Phillips stopped in to play a show for All Songs Considered on NPR. … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Moments of “Silent Acting”

Last week, Elvis Mitchell interviewed Sarah Polley on NPR's "The Treatment." They talked about Polley's new film, Away from Her, which stars Julie Christie.This led them to talking about how Polley was enthralled with Christie's performance in Doctor Zhivago.Mitchell then asked her if David Lean was an influence on her own creative work as a director.Polley's answer made me happy, so I'm sharing it... … [Read more...]

“The Turning” Rediscovered at NPR

Today, NPR posted... of all things... a review of the album that was a turning point in my life. … [Read more...]