Next Wednesday at Seattle Pacific University…

Next Wednesday, Seattle Pacific University throws the doors wide open to the public for a day of lectures on the subject of BEAUTY.I'll be speaking about beauty, beasts, and Cyndere's Midnight.And before that, I'll be speaking at this conference for high school teachers.I hope to see some of you at one or the other of these events. Bonus points if I see you at both! … [Read more...]

At the NWCSI-CTABC Convention

Today, I tried to sum up some of the ideas in Through a Screen Darkly to an overcrowded - and quickly overheated - room full of high school teachers at the NWCSI-CTABC convention in Lynden, Washington.The notes I'd prepared... well, I thought that they just might be enough to cover a 95-minute seminar. As it turns out, I only got halfway through them. It's funny how the presence and participation of listeners can change your plans. Their examples and questions brought to mind all kinds of … [Read more...]