Thank You, John Hughes., I am saddened by the news about director John Hughes' sudden death of a heart attack today. He was only 59, and might have had a comeback in him. I would have welcomed that. Some of his films were creative, hilarious, and even unusually thoughtful for pop comedies. … [Read more...]

A Few Thoughts on the Loss of Jackson and Fawcett

Yesterday, I felt a strange urge to give calls of concern to the other giants of my childhood. … [Read more...]

What a Story.

Comic strip of the day. … [Read more...]

Farewell to Horton Foote, screenwriter of “Tender Mercies,” “To Kill a Mockingbird”

I'm a little late relaying this news, but I learned on Twitter earlier today that Horton Foote has died.Horton Foote, who chronicled America’s wistful odyssey through the 20th century in plays and films mostly set in a small town in Texas and left a literary legacy as one of the country’s foremost storytellers, died in Hartford, Conn., on Wednesday. He was 92, said his daughter, Hallie Foote.In screenplays for such movies as “Tender Mercies,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Trip to Bount … [Read more...]

Andrew Wyeth, remembered by Michael Kimmelman

The famous American painted Andrew Wyeth died today at 91.Kimmelman writes:Wyeth gave America a prim and flinty view of Puritan rectitude, starchily sentimental, through parched gray and brown pictures of spooky frame houses, desiccated fields, deserted beaches, circling buzzards and craggy-faced New Englanders. A virtual Rorschach test for American culture during the better part of the last century, Wyeth split public opinion as vigorously as, and probably even more so than, any other … [Read more...]

Richard John Neuhaus, 1936 – 2009

First Things reports the passing of its founder and editor: Fr. Richard John Neuhaus slipped away today, January 8, shortly before 10 o’clock, at the age of seventy-two. He never recovered from the weakness that sent him to the hospital the day after Christmas, caused by a series of side effects from the cancer he was suffering. He lost consciousness Tuesday evening after a collapse in his heart rate, and the next day, in the company of friends, he died. Neuhaus wrote, among other things, The N … [Read more...]

Browser, 11/6

First, the previews... … [Read more...]

A Sad, Sudden Farewell: Bernie Mac 1957 – 2008

MSNBC reports that Bernie Mac passed away due to complications brought on by pneumonia. He was 50.I'll miss Bernie. He was one of a kind, a distinct, huge personality whose gravity was irresistible. His sitcom was creative and sometimes even joyful... a rare guilt-free treat. He had a rare knack for monologues. And he got laughs without relying on crass punchlines or obscenities.Long may the reruns play on. … [Read more...]

Farewell to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Last week, as I was walking past a newspaper vendor, I stopped in my tracks. The headline was a stunner: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had passed away. … [Read more...]

Farewell, Major Briggs.

Don S. Davis, one of the great actors among Twin Peaks' fantastic cast, has died.Davis played Major Briggs, who was a caring father, and a secretive servant of the U.S. government. Nobody could be trusted more completely with classified information.Davis was also beloved for a memorable role in what some call the best hour of The X-Files. … [Read more...]