Well… (sigh)… here are those predictable, political, oh-so-wrong Oscar nominations…

If Hollywood thinks Brokeback Mountain is more interesting and artful than A History of Violence and The New World, and when nobody even notices a piece of rare big screen treasure like Millions... well, they've just lost any interest or respect I had for this year's Oscar event. I'm not even sure host John Stewart will be enough to make me tune in. … [Read more...]

Altman wins an Oscar… at last.

What's your favorite Robert Altman film?I love Gosford Park. And several others...He's been one of the Oscars' most overlooked talents for decades. At last, he's getting some credit. … [Read more...]

Who should host the Oscars?

Chris Rock won't be invited back.Please, let us be spared another round with Whoopi Goldberg.Crystal's time is done. When was the last time he turned in a worthwhile performance in a film? And Steve Martin, as much as I love him, is clearly tired of investing in worthwhile comedy, wasting his skills on Cheaper by the Dozen 2.My dream would be Eddie Izzard, but too few people know who he is.John Stewart? Steven Colbert? That would be a hoot, but they really aren't Hollywood … [Read more...]

Which animated films are competing for Oscar?

Movie City News lists the competitors.Which film do you think deserves the Oscar? I think I'm leaning toward Wallace and Gromit, even though I prefer the story of Corpse Bride. And Howl's Moving Castle really is extraordinary to look at, even if it's not one of Miyazake's true masterpieces."Chicken Little" "Gulliver's Travel" "Hoodwinked" "Howl's Moving Castle" "Madagascar" "Robots" "Steamboy" "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" "Valiant" "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the … [Read more...]

Specials: We’ve lost Porkins. Foreign Oscar-hopefuls. Magdelena.

Today's specials:HE STAYED ON TARGET. Star Wars fans, it is a day to mourn. We've lost Porkins. He also had memorable roles in Raiders of the Lost Ark and A River Runs Through It.ONLY ONE FILM PER COUNTRY GETS TO PLAY The annually-screwed Foreign Language Oscar category has named its list of qualifying films for the year. As usual, each country only gets to submit one film for consideration. So, if the ten best films of the year were all made in France, it wouldn't matter... only one … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson on the Oscars

from IMDb.com: Mel Gibson has denounced the Oscar ceremonies as "a celebration of mediocrity" and accused academy members of treating his The Passion of the Christ as a political football. "My film is not right-wing or political, but they made it so," he told an interviewer on the Catholic cable channel EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). Gibson, who won an Oscar for his direction of Braveheart in 1995, remarked: "The whole notion of these awards ceremonies is ludicrous. ... It's really a … [Read more...]

If You’ve Seen Born into Brothels

... then I suspect this will boggle your mind. It boggled mind. … [Read more...]

This Sunday night: Rev. Bill Hogg & I Talk Oscars

For the last few weeks, I've been appearing as a guest on the call-in talk radio show Hogg Wild, hosted by the Reverend Bill Hogg, on Seattle's radio station KGNW. … [Read more...]

How to Watch The Passion

Some of the best words about The Passion of the Christ that I've ever read. … [Read more...]

Should Christian Critics Be Applauding Certain Oscar Contenders?

UPDATE: Okay, I admit, I posted a somewhat reactionary entry earlier after reading Barbara Nicolosi's post about the Oscars today at Church of the Masses. I'm a big Barbara Nicolosi fan, even though I don't always agree with her, and today's post just rubbed me the wrong way. So, to make up for my disrespect to Barbara, I'm going to re-word this post, since Barbara's been gracious enough to clarify...-Act One screenwriting guru and blogger Barbara Nicolosi is on the attack today, … [Read more...]