Casting Call: Two Satans, Two Adams, Two Eves…

If everything goes according to plan for director Scott Derrickson, he'll direct a feature film based on John Milton's Paradise Lost, and we'll see the war in heaven and the fall in the garden depicted more vividly than any film that has come before.But he's apparently not the only one with such ambitions. The Hollywood Reporter says that producer Martin Poll has a similar aim. Who knows? Paradise Lost may follow in the path of Truman Capote, who had two films about him released within a … [Read more...]

Sympathy for the Devil: Derrickson on “Paradise Lost”

When the sun sets on the new remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, where will writer/director Scott Derrickson go next? … [Read more...]

Scott Derrickson has another project, already!

Coming Soon reports that Scott Derrickson, who's working on a little flick called Paradise Lost, is also co-writing and directing a film about the story that prompted a documentary titled... would you believe?... Paradise Lost. His dramatization will be titled Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three. ...the drama centers on an infamous Arkansas murder case that ended with the conviction of three teens based largely on their alleged fascination with the occult.Three children … [Read more...]

Derrickson likes Barlowe’s vision for "Paradise Lost"

This is the first time I've ever linked to Fangoria, but they've got Scott Derrickson talking about the designer he's tapping for his big screen version of Paradise Lost... Wayne Barlowe. … [Read more...]

Top Five Questions Rocking the Moviegoer World

Ever since I heard a local news anchor make the hilarious claim that The Gospel of Judas is "rocking the Christian world," I've become fond of that phrase. (I have yet to meet any Christian whose faith has been overturned, or even jostled, by the re-emergence of a heresy that was long ago dismissed by thinking Christians.)So I've decided to look around for what might (not) be rocking other people's worlds.In that spirit, here are the Top Five Questions Rocking the Moviegoer World This … [Read more...]

Scott Derrickson to direct John Milton’s "Paradise Lost"

Yes, you read that right.Variety is reporting that the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scott Derrickson (who occasionally stops by here with some comments), is going to direct the big screen version of John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.The questions are rushing to my brain so fast I hardly know where to begin. Who...? How...? What will they...?Here's hoping he invites his good friend Wim Wenders along as a technical advisor. After all, Wenders has worked with angels … [Read more...]

John Milton’s Paradise Lost… the Movie

Milton did a better job of "justifying the ways of God to man" than these filmmakers could do of justifying the adaptation of this epic poem into a movie... Hyde Park Entertainment and Vincent Newman Entertainment have partnered to produce a feature version of John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost, based on an adaptation by Phil DiBlasi and Byron Willinger. … [Read more...]