Paul Simon’s Aim is True (According to Costello)

When Elvis Costello loves your album, well, what higher praise could you want?Paul Simon doesn't really need high praise from great songwriters anymore. And I've been hearing raves about his new album So Beautiful or So What for a while now.But my eagerness to have a copy and hear it on a good sound system just doubled... … [Read more...]

Friday specials: Frederick Buechner, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, "The Prestige"

My friend Julie Mullins has written a substantial article about Frederick Buechner's lastest collection, Secrets in the Dark, in the new issue of Image. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of both the book and the journal.Secrets begins with a meditation on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel titled "The Magnificent Defeat." I read it aloud last night to Anne, and we were both deeply moved by it. Having grown up in the church, I've heard so many sermons that I find it difficult to pay … [Read more...]


Surprise, the first solo album from Paul Simon in seven years, will be released on May 9th. Rolling Stone reports that Brian Eno helped Simon out with the production of this one.And regarding the question on everybody's mind... the answer is yes. It will include the song he wrote for The Wild Thornberries movie: "Father and Daughter."Billboard reports: Guest appearances include guitarist Bill Frisell, drummer Steve Gadd and pianist Herbie Hancock, whose 2005 album, "Possibilities," … [Read more...]