The latest amazing presumption about my life, my faith

Does this sound presumptuous to you? The reality is [Mark, Peter, and Jeffrey] are guys who spend all day immersed in the culture of Hollywood, ostensibly “screening” movies while others work real full time jobs to support them.* That claim, and another extensive attack on CT film critics, was posted by a Christian talk-show host today.What follows is a response to the accusation, not an "attack" on his character. He smote us with that accusation. Allow me to hold up the facts, and you can … [Read more...]

Chattaway criticizes “Last Sin Eater”, Director Fires Back

Peter T. Chattaway wrote a thoughtful, observant review of the new movie called The Last Sin Eater this week at Christianity Today Movies.Just as a Christian car mechanic should be concerned with the technical condition of a car, so a film critic should concern himself with the technical condition of a car. Peter is a Christian ... has been for as long as he's been writing, and longer, and has been a vital part of evangelical-Christian dialogue for years. In the interest of encouraging … [Read more...]

Are Christian Moviegoers Just “Cattle”?

It's exciting when we see Christians engaging popular culture and demonstrating discernment.We are called to "wise as serpents, and innocent as doves," right? … [Read more...]

“Apocalypto” – Catholic? Chattaway says “No way!”

You didn't think I'd go another day without posting something about Apocalypto... a movie I still haven't seen... did you? … [Read more...]

“The Nativity Story”: Your Reviews

Since snow and ice have kept me from the Seattle press screenings of The Nativity Story, chances are you will see the movie before I do. (I'm going to try to catch a Saturday or Sunday matinee.)If you see it, tell us what you think of it. The reviews in the mainstream press are wide-ranging, from ridicule to raves. I know at least one Seattle church has rented out a whole theater for an early screening tonight. Is your church planning anything?Post your review in the Comments below. I'm … [Read more...]

Peter T. Chattaway on the Not-So-Christ-Like avior.

Chattaway: So much has been made of Kal-El as a Christ figure that little attention is ever paid to the kind of Christ figure that he is. You often hear people argue that Superman raises Lois Lane from the dead in the first movie (though one could also argue that he merely goes back in time to a point before her death and does not actually raise her from the dead, per se).But what people often don't point out is that Superman brings Lois back to life as a very specific act of disobedience … [Read more...]

Sony Starts Up the Next Dan Brown Movie

Well, like I said, I'm done posting about The Da Vinci Dud.But Peter Chattaway has just caught wind of a whole new pile of poo: Sony is starting the engines on their next Dan Brown movie -- Angels and Demons.It's also worth reading Chattaway's discovery of an applicable G.K. Chesterton quote, and Amy Wellborn's recent parade of home-run posts. So if you want to read the blogs of folks who haven't tired of writing about this, there you go. … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert, Rolling Stone, Peter Chattaway open fire on “Da Vinci”

It's National "How Ridiculous is The Da Vinci Code" Day, it seems.SECOND UPDATE:David Poland thinks that the bad reviews have been too kind!* * * * *UPDATE:A.N. Wilson and Christopher Tookey in The Telegraph, linked by Amy Welborn:* * * * *Peter T. Chattaway: The press kit for the movie is contradicting both the book and the film on historical matters.Peter Travers (Rolling Stone): There's no code to decipher. Da Vinci is a dud -- a dreary, droning, dull-witted … [Read more...]

Chattaway’s Back (and Under Attack!)

Chattaway's back to regular blogging, now that his wife Deanna and the twins are home from the hospital. (Congratulations again, Chattaway family!) Well, in truth, Peter never really stopped blogging, but he's got so much interesting stuff this week, I won't get specific. I'll just send you over there.Oh, and I should also note another stamp of approval for Chattaway's work. He's must be doing some good work, if he's provoked Ted Baehr to say THIS about him: It's shocking to find out that … [Read more...]

Specials: Ford’s Firewall collapse. "Christian is the new gay." Gilliam’s next.

Friday specials:CAN THE DECLINE OF HARRISON FORD'S CAREER GET ANY MORE DEPRESSING? Michael Atkinson on Firewall: "The post-Die Hard genre is on its last legs, and the movie is as tired in its bones as [Harrison] Ford, who at 63 has crossed the line from robust, no-nonsense manliness to doughy-creepy grumpster." (Thanks, GreenCine daily)And here's Peter T. Chattaway's review: It is significant that Ford's first movie in years is not one of those serious dramas or offbeat comedies that … [Read more...]