A Dog Named Inigo, A Cat Named Scully… and Other Pets Named After Movie Characters

A few days ago, I asked people to speak up about the pets that they've named after characters from movies.And I introduced people to my own — Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas, named for Charles Grodin's white collar criminal in Midnight Run.Sure enough, I began to hear from pet owners. Not many, but some. … [Read more...]

Did You Name Your Pet After a Movie Character?

Jonathan Mardukas cannot. Not today.Usually he can, but today he cannot.Nope, "The Duke"  just cannot deal with it. … [Read more...]

MINE (2009)

This review was originally published at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image.-As I’m writing this, my magnificent mutt of a cat—Jonathan Mardukas—is purring like he’s never been happier.Mardukas (or “The Duke”) does this when he knows I’m not feeling well, or when he’s feeling neglected.This time, he’s climbed onto my chest so he can stand between me and my laptop. Big, black, and beautiful, he’s overpowering my protests.His timing is uncanny. I’m trying to write about a mov … [Read more...]

Overstreet Cats are Picky.

Zooey insists on PBS.  … [Read more...]

Lap Cat.

Last night, while the weather outside turned frightful, Mardukas decided to become a lap cat, and well... just look at those eyes... he wasn't about to be dissuaded from his decision. So I worked on Cyndere's Midnight, the sequel to Auralia's Colors, for three hours straight with Mardukas (the inspiration for that big, wild, black cat named "Dukas" in the book) draped over my lap with his paws on the keyboard.Bonus points for anybody who knows where my cat's name comes from. … [Read more...]

Jonathan Mardukas in the House

This photo of my cat, Mardukas, is featured as the "Pet Photo of the Week" in Seattle Pacific University's faculty/staff newsletter this week. And the fact of the matter is, quite simply, that he is the most handsome cat on the planet.He looks like a black cat, but he isn't — he has white fur that is tipped with black. I named him after Jonathan Mardukas, a white-collar criminal played by Charles Grodin in the film Midnight Run. … [Read more...]