Boyhood: The Podcast!

It has arrived: The epic podcast conversation about Richard Linklater's Boyhood (and his other films as well). … [Read more...]

Podcast: Listen as a Theology Professor, an English Professor, an Ordained Minister, and a Film Critic Talk About That Noah Movie

Just imagine.What would happen if, after all of the clamor and debate about Darren Aronofsky's controversial film Noah quieted down, I — a mild-mannered higher-ed communications specialist by day, and a cantankerous film reviewer by night — sat down in a Seattle pub with... … [Read more...]

Sara Zarr’s “This Creative Life”

This morning, as the caffeine was just beginning to take effect, Anne and I appeared as guests on This Creative Life, a podcast hosted by young adult novelist Sara Zarr. … [Read more...]

Do celebrities matter? Part Two.

Recently, I posted the first part of The Other Journal's podcast on celebrities.That was only the beginning. … [Read more...]

Do celebrities matter?

Do celebrities matter? Should we pay attention to them? … [Read more...]

The Arts and Faith Top 100 Films List: The Podcast!

The Arts & Faith Top 100 Films list, hosted by IMAGE journal, is the best place to start for planning your next 100 Netflix rentals. (Here's the introduction I wrote for it.)Dick Staub, Greg Wolfe, Jennie Spohr, and I talked about the list at Hales Pub and Brewery, before a live audience.Whether you missed out on the event, or just want to enjoy it again... here it is... … [Read more...]

10 Films. One Oscar. But Are Any of Them Actually Profound?

Did you miss The Kindlings Muse last month? It was a lively conversation covering all ten of the Best Picture nominees.I discussed the ups and downs of the nominees with Dick Staub, Greg Wright, and... … [Read more...]

Kindling Discussion About Recent Films: “Knowing,” “Coraline,” “Sunshine Cleaning,” and More

The latest Kindlings Muse podcast is up, featuring Dick Staub, Greg Wright, Jennie Spohr, and myself in conversation about:Knowing; Coraline; Sunshine Cleaning; Days and Clouds; Rachel Getting Married; Still Life; Silent Light; The Robe; and Jesus of Montreal. … [Read more...]

In Which I Am Interviewed on “Discourse” with Stephen Reed

Thanks to Gina Dalfonzo at The Point for pointing out that the latest installment of Stephen Reed's Discourse has been posted.Discourse is an interview podcast, which is available at Breakpoint. It's a fairly new feature, and it was a privilege to be one of Stephen's first guests. … [Read more...]

The Kindlings Muse: A conversation about… yeah, you guessed it…

Okay, my apologies to those who are sick of hearing about The Golden Compass. … [Read more...]