Browser: Gerard Manley Hopkins & Paul Mariani; A moratoriaum on Holocaust films?; Plus, U2, Katherine Heigl, Keanu and more 2008 Film Awards

Paul Mariani, one of my favorite poets, has now penned a new book on Gerard Manley Hopkins. Books and Culture has a review.More...  … [Read more...]

Poetic Justice?

If you've been reading my blog for long, you know I'm a big fan of my wife Anne. I'm also a big fan of her poetry.Apparently I'm not the only one.She was just nominated for a Pushcart Prize. … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Margaret D. Smith, Poet and Author of “Holy Struggle” and “Barn Swallow”

TWO POEMS BY MARGARET D. SMITH Pavel talks to me over lunchMy farmhouse is away, so far from Prague there are no planes, not even cars.You can hear everything that way. The pigeons make love on rooftops,workers talk in fields, bees make sounds like music far off.My grandfather loved bees. He left Prague to live in that farmhouseto raise bees: bees in boxes, bees in fields. When he died he left me his farmhouse.The first time I stepped inside after he was … [Read more...]

Join Me and Together We Will… Enjoy Poetry

The Backwaters Press presents...Jody A. Zorgdrager's new book: Of Consequence.Marianne Boruch: Through the dark of childhood and the illness of aging parents, through the mystery of insects and roses and gulls, in places both ordinary and odd, this poet enters beauty — its pain and release — with equal fearlessness. … [Read more...]

So, I’m was reading some great poetry this morning…

I'm enjoying a new feast of poetry. … [Read more...]

Poet Anne Overstreet Reading Tomorrow Night in Seattle

My favorite poet, Anne Overstreet, will be reading tomorrow night as just one participant in an evening full of art... at The Thread.To convince you that I'm a huge fan of Anne's work, there's this: I married her. So unless I'm hit by a train, I'll be there cheering. … [Read more...]

New Poems by Luci Shaw, Reviewed in Books & Culture

Luci Shaw and Margaret Smith: two good friends of mine, two marvelous poets, two folks who were incredibly generous in helping me finish my book about films. … [Read more...]

Favorite poets

Prompted by my earlier recommendation of the Jane Hirschfield book, a reader asked me for a "top ten list" of favorite poets.I can't offer a list of my favorites in order of preference, but I can easily come up with a list of writers whose work I whole-heartedly recommend to you... poets that Anne and I read often and with gratitude.Here they are, in no particular order... … [Read more...]

Anne M. Doe Overstreet Rocks the Seattle Art Museum

There's only one person in this world whose work I love so much that I actually chased her down and married her. … [Read more...]

And the Denise Levertov award goes to…

News from the house of Wolfe... Image journal and the Department of English at Seattle Pacific University established the Levertov Award to honor one of the twentieth century's greatest poets. Levertov, who spent her last years in Seattle , embraced the landscape and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Levertov's identity as a Christian believer—a pilgrim whose faith was inextricably entwined with doubt—became another important facet of her work, particularly in her later poetry.The Levertov A … [Read more...]