The U2 Elevation Prayer

David Wainscott has just posted some interesting audio: An audio file of the prayer and blessing for U2's 2001 Elevation tour.And when you think about how that tour blessed so many, and about the ministry that the band had for those in New York after the attacks on September 11th... I don't think it's presumptuous to say those prayers were answered. … [Read more...]

Specials: Coen Brothers. Sufjan Stevens. Snake & Hamster. And Bono’s words to the National Prayer Breakfast.

Friday specials:COEN BROTHERS' NEXT MOVIE! Tommy Lee Jones gives credit to Flannery O'Connor and The Book of Ecclesisates in talking about his new film The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Amy Wellborn noted this Boston Globe article today.NIGHTWATCH TRAILER YIKES... that's a freaky trailer.ILLINOIS-Y NEWS Sufjan Stevens took 2nd place, just behind Kanye West, in the Village Voice music critics poll for the best albums of 2005.AND THE SNAKE WILL LIE DOWN WITH THE … [Read more...]

Prayers for the Doe family

Let me call a brief intermission from the mad, mad world of the Looking Closer Journal to ask you to join me and my wife Anne in prayer. … [Read more...]

A Quick Prayer Request

Those of you with the time and attention to pray, I'd appreciate your prayers as Anne and I consider an offer from a publisher to bring one of my novels out of the home office and into the world.It's an exciting day. I'll report with more details when we have something certain to report. … [Read more...]