Bleepity bleep.

More than a decade ago, when I was writing for Christianity Today's movie-review website, I quickly grew weary of hearing from moviegoers who believe that we should condemn films in which characters cuss.So, I invited a variety of Christians who write film reviews to offer their opinions on "foul language" and whether or not Ted Baehr's Movieguide and other "morality checklist" review sites are justified in their blanket condemnation of movies in which expletives occur.You can revisit … [Read more...]

Browser: Séraphine. A new Peter Weir film. Jedi Knights. Cussing. And More.

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines may be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned.Hi ho, Jeffrey the overworked editor here.Blogging's been slow, as you have probably noticed. I've been reviewing the proofreading edits for Raven's Ladder, and that effort has swallowed every evening and weekend from September 8th to the present. (I do all of this, oh best beloved, in the hours after my work at the day-job. Call it "burning the candle at … [Read more...]

Blue Like $%#!

Holy #$%!Will Blue Like Jazz the movie be full of profanity?Steve Taylor speaks out! … [Read more...]

Cuss words, James Dobson, John McCain, and Dubya

And while I'm directing traffic to Peter Chattaway's blog......let me hand the microphone to him again. Chattaway links to a story about why James Dobson won't vote for John McCain. Why? Well, there are several reasons related to policy, but there's also one that might surprise you. (Or it might not.) Apparently the ex-Navy man has been known to use a cuss word now and then.Chattaway links to The Atlantic's Ross Douthat, who offers the obvious response to that point (although I'm glad … [Read more...]

Email of the Day

For what it's worth, I posted a response at CT Movies to all of those readers who wrote in to tell me that I will be severely judged by the Lord because of my earlier-posted article, in which I argued that profanity is sometimes an appropriate element in art.But not all of the responses to the article were negative. … [Read more...]

After Reading the Rage-Mail, Take a “Long Pause”

Darren Hughes’ Long Pauses is one of my almost-daily stops. … [Read more...]

Now You Can Edit the Violence Out of Movies!

CT Movies posted a point/counterpoint today regarding the new "U-Edit-the-movies" ClearPlay DVD Player, which can be set to filter out cussing, violence, and nudity. … [Read more...]

“There’s no profanity in my society…”

This letter came to me in response to my article at CT about profanity in the movies. My argument covered a lot of points, including the fact that artists often use their work to hold up a reflection to culture with all of its pros and cons. Thus, art often reflects foul language because, clearly, the culture which we have been challenged to love and transform does indeed include people with colorful speech.Here is the response: If you ask me, this is a pretty flimsy way to rationalize and … [Read more...]

Sticking Up for Them Cussin’ Characters

When I post a review recommending a film that includes harsh language, I almost always hear from somebody somewhere who is aghast that I, a Christian film reviewer, would approve of anything that includes profanity... … [Read more...]