Hello, Chicago!

If you were listening to WMBI in Chicago this afternoon, and go my invitation to come visit me here at LookingCloser.org... welcome!You heard me talking about my favorite films of 2008, but hey... I only scratched the surface. I talked about Man on Wire, and Rachel Getting Married (which I just added to the list). But there are many more films that slipped by moviegoers quietly last year.Here's the (updated) list of my favorites from 2008.And thanks for listening to Steve Hiller on … [Read more...]

Thanks to “God and Culture” Show Host Paul Edwards

Many, many thanks to Paul Edwards for being a gracious host, generous with his time, and thoughtful with his questions on the God and Culture radio program in Detroit.You can listen in on our conversations... … [Read more...]

Next Sunday: Australia’s having an Open House!

¬†I recently overheard someone referring to my new book as "Australia's Colors."Now, please... let me set this straight once and for all: Auralia's Colors has absolutely nothing to do with Australia.And speaking of Australia...I was welcomed to a radio program based in Australia last week to discuss Through a Screen Darkly.The show host was Sheridan Voysey, a true professional, who reads his notes before he sits down at the microphone. His show is called Open House. It wasn't … [Read more...]

Things You Don’t Hear Every Morning…

"Mr. Overstreet, we're going to have to postpone your interview by twenty minutes because we just got an opportunity to interview the actor Stephen Baldwin..."Twenty-five minutes later... waiting on hold..."I'm sorry, we've run out of time. We're going to have to talk to you on another day."Oh well. I could start complaining about the usual supsect... but these things happen in radio. … [Read more...]

On the Radio with Steve Brown, Kim Jeffries

Tune in to Steve Brown Etc.  We're talking about examining beauty, truth, and evil at the movies... and thus we're talking about Through a Screen Darkly.And later: Kim Jeffries at Along the Way. … [Read more...]

“Personally Speaking” with Jim Lisante, Karen Peris, and… Me?!

As a huge fan of The Innocence Mission, I must say I am freaking out a little bit.A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Monsignor Jim Lisante for a program called "Personally Speaking." … [Read more...]

A Great Week of Radio Interviews

I want to thankMelissa Flores of Maryland's "The Listener Cafe" on the He's Alive Network Andrew Tallman of The Andrew Tallman Show in Phoenix, Arizona (I was scheduled for 15 minutes, but we ended up on the air for more than an hour! Really exciting chat.) Georgene Rice of Portland, Oregon's KPDQ John Hall and Stephanie Fraschetti of WordFM in Pittsburgh Dr. Albert Mohler of the Albert Moher Program in Kentucky... for the way they welcomed me to their radio programs over the … [Read more...]

Through a Screen Darkly – The Radio Broadcast Tour!

The marathon of radio appearances for Through a Screen Darkly is already well-underway, but I thought it would be good to start posting the dates and times here, to give readers a chance to call in to the show if you really want to cause trouble.... … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Christian Radio Show? Favorite Christian Podcast?

What's your favorite Christian radio show?Favorite Christian podcast? … [Read more...]

Bob Dylan to host a weekly radio show on XM!

Wow. They should record these shows and sell them. … [Read more...]