Ten Highlights of My Visit to the Biola Media Conference

This weekend at the Biola Media Conference, I had a great deal of fun, and a lot of challenging conversations. I will be writing quite a few thank-you notes.Let me tell you just a few of the highlights:- Waking up in the hotel room, watching the world slowly come into focus, and seeing a black widow spider hanging almost within reach. It moved under a table, where it had a web already built. I called the hotel front desk and said, "I have a lot of experience killing big poisonous … [Read more...]

Ralph Winter on Upcoming Comic Book Films, “The Screwtape Letters”

Infuze Magazine's Robin Parrish just posted a new interview with Ralph Winter about the next Fantastic Four flick, The Screwtape Letters, and more.... And his report reveals what Ralph told me a few weeks back -- that he's hoping to have Randall Wallace (We Were Soldiers, Braveheart) write the Screwtape adaptation. Interesting choice. That would certainly be a different kind of challenge for Wallace. … [Read more...]

Ralph Winter: Producer of Blockbuster movies. “Gladiator” fan. Comic-book movie expert. Christian.

"Hollywood."In the media... especially in the Christian media... the word "Hollywood" gets thrown around a lot."Hollywood is anti-Christian. It is always producing projects that lampoon, criticize, and ridicule Christians.""We need to clean up Hollywood.""Christians should not have anything to do with what comes out of Hollywood."Meanwhile, in the middle of Hollywood, you'll find Christians are working hard to create good films, to deliver excellent performances, to write … [Read more...]

He’s Looking for a Good Story: A Conversation with Ralph Winter, Producer of X-Men and Fantastic Four

An abridged edition of my conversation with producer Ralph Winter was originally published at CT Movies.While the bustling activity of the Biola Media Conference went on outside, we took refuge in an unoccupied office for an hour, sat and ate our sack lunches, talked about movies, and then went our separate ways as friends. Ralph's that kind of guy -- you can't help but be impressed at how personable, direct, smart, and generous he is.And now... here's the entire interview. … [Read more...]