A Three-Star Rant About Thumbs (or, Why I Won’t “Rate” Movies)

Have you seen the new film-review site called Letterboxd? I like it. A lot. I need a convenient online moviegoing journal, and it provides that.But most of my colleagues who are chronicling their reviews there are rating movies with stars or "likes." I just can't bring myself to start any such thing. So it's time to say again what I said at Filmwell a few years ago... I think "rating" movies does us all more harm than good.Here's how I explained that at Filmwell in April of 2009...  … [Read more...]

Really, MPAA?

Before I start describing the MPAA with language they would consider inappropriate, I'll just hand the microphone over to Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, whose film Blue Valentine was just rated NC-17.Why was it given that rating? … [Read more...]

R-rated Question of the Day

Today, I was interviewed by Paul Asay of Focus on the Family's Plugged In. We had a delightful conversation about Christian discernment at the movies. I respect Plugged In's focus on helping us be discerning moviegoers and discerning parents. … [Read more...]

Caspian’s PG and David Dark’s Next

Did Prince Caspian get the right rating?Cinematical's Eric Snider thinks the "PG" is misleading. ... watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and marvel at how such a violent movie magically got the kid-friendly PG rating.I didn't know the rating before I watched it, and I didn't remember, off the top of my head, whether the first Chronicles of Narnia was PG. (It was.) As Prince Caspian unfolded, I noted that there was an awful lot of stabbing, throat-slitting, and other killing, … [Read more...]

PG, PG-13, or R?

How should the MPAA distinguish between PG, PG-13, or R ratings?I find it's very easy to point out when they've done it wrong, but tough to lay out a plan for how to do it right. … [Read more...]