Raven’s Ladder contest/giveaway!

Folks who have joined my Facebook fan page are reading the details on the first of several Raven's Ladder contests and giveaways. … [Read more...]

An Excerpt from Raven’s Ladder, Chapter 1: Cal-raven in Four Kinds of Trouble

Auralia reached out to Cal-raven. As he approached, the flame of the candle he carried flapped like a flag in a hard wind. ...That's how Chapter One of Raven's Ladder begins. And now... you can read the whole chapter. … [Read more...]

Readers Like the View From the Top of Raven’s Ladder

Here are some of the reviews and endorsements for Raven's Ladder from book reviewers, bloggers, and authors: • Where Auralia’s Colors spoke of the promise of enlightenment, and Cyndere’s Midnight told a tale of new hope born from the depths of despair, Raven’s Ladder reveals both the power and the fragility of vision. - Fred Warren • Raven's Ladder ... is a book that dares to be beautiful. - S.J. Deal: • I am in awe of this man’s ability to imagine a whole world and then create it in word … [Read more...]

Newborn Novel

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Climbing “Raven’s Ladder”

My birthday was a month ago, but a bunch of gifts have arrived in November... thoughtful comments from a few readers who have read Raven's Ladder. And I'm grateful.Here's what they're saying... … [Read more...]

“Raven’s Ladder”: Somebody’s Starting Rumors

Uh oh.Now I'm getting notes in my email that a copy of Raven's Ladder has slipped out of the publisher's hands. And somebody's read it. And they're spreading around reports like this one and this one. How delightful... I mean, how premature! … [Read more...]

February 16, 2010: Raven’s Ladder

Pre-order Raven's Ladder here.And see the new cover by artist Kristopher Orr and Mike Heath here... … [Read more...]

“Raven’s Ladder”: An Update

The new strand of The Auralia Thread will be called Raven's Ladder.I hope you like it. Tonight (all night) and tomorrow morning (all morning) I am packaging up my first draft for the editor. I have that familiar sensation of excitement and nerves and relief and apprehension...Anyway, that's what I'm doing tonight. What are you doing?You're watching the trailer for the new Jim Jarmusch film... at Twitch. … [Read more...]

Good morning, 2009.

This was how the new year began for me during my week-long stay at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island.And 2009 is looking good so far.I'm enjoying my new website.I'm enjoying the hard, all-consuming work of writing Cal-raven's Ladder.I'm looking forward to catching up on so many celebrated films of 2008, and seeing what 2009 has to offer.I'm looking forward to new music by U2, Buddy and Julie Miller, The Decemberists, and many more of my favorites. (Over the Rhine told their … [Read more...]

New Auralia Thread Contest: Name the Site of a Meteor Strike

In the third book of The Auralia Thread -- Cal-raven's Ladder -- Cal-raven will venture to a very creepy place... a place where a meteor once struck and destroyed a forest, leaving a deep crater full of strange, glittering dust. … [Read more...]