How many of the Top 100 have you seen?

A note like this can make my day... … [Read more...]

God Bless Gracious Commenters

Friends and colleagues who leave comments here, consider this a little love note, prompted by things I've seen happening on several other sites today.Conversing on an online discussion board is a tricky art. … [Read more...]

Spam: The Next Step in Evolution?

Normally, I hate spam. … [Read more...]

With email like this, who needs reviews?

An email from my dear friend Bryan Rust (CAUTION: "Mild" spoilers.) : … [Read more...]

Day-making Email about “Auralia’s Colors” and The Kindlings Muse

Two years ago at this time, I was frantic to wrap up revisions on Auralia's Colors. Last year, I was frantic to wrap up revisions on Cyndere's Midnight. In the next three weeks, I'm wrapping up revisions on Raven's Ladder... if my laptop doesn't catch fire first.So it's very encouraging, in the long long hours of trimming, re-writing, and re-imagining, to get a letter like this one: … [Read more...]

“Knowing” Remarks from Ebert and… Well… Others

Roger Ebert bothered many film critics and moviegoers when he turned in a four-star review of Alex Proyas's new film Knowing. Today, he's defending his rave review.Meanwhile, Christianity Today's review was posted last week -- more high praise.But that review inspired backlash too. Here are a few of my favorite lines from the comments of CT Movies readers: "Although there are some shorts which may show a little cleavage, it's never done sexually..." Shorts which show cleavage? I've … [Read more...]

Cyndere in Singapore

Cynthia writes:Hello from hot and humid Singapore! I have become a fan of your blog for about 2 years now. It was introduced by a friend of mine who lives in LA. Generally I don't trust film critics, but I found an unpretentious opinion and style in your writing. I found myself going back to the blog over and over again, just to keep up with what's happening in the film world because obviously in this part of the world, we rarely get the non-blockbuster, mainstream, art-house/indie type of … [Read more...]

Cyndere’s Midnight: Reviews and Letters, Part 2

I'm still waiting to hear young Ezra Ribera's response to Cyndere's Midnight. I may be waiting for a while.But I have been hearing from others.My thanks to the reviewers who are sharing their experiences of Cyndere's Midnight. … [Read more...]

Reader mailstrom, 10/16: Through a Screen Darkly; Prince Caspian; Lakeview Terrace; Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Welcome to Reader Mailstrom, a chronicle of stand-outs from the daily maelstrom of Looking Closer email.- … [Read more...]

Reader Mail: Ballast! Ghost Town! Ted Baehr!

BEHOLD... BALLAST! A little while back, you posted a trailer for Lance Hammer's Ballast on your blog, which I watched and decided to check out sometime. To my delight, Ballast just had its Canadian premiere at the Vancouver Film Festival, and I was able to catch that screening. I've posted my review of the film at my blog: is an excellent film, and I want to thank you for putting it onto my radar.By the way, I've started reading Auralia's Colors … [Read more...]