Anybody Want to Answer My Email Today?

Here's today's email...I post this simply because a few people have asked me recently if there are still Christians out there who hold onto this condemning reaction to art and culture. They seemed certain that if there are such people, there are only a few isolated folks out there who think this way, and I should just ignore them.But I am convinced that there is still a vast community out there who write off movies (and other forms of art as well) as "a lost cause" ... as so corrupt and … [Read more...]

Reading Letters and Blogs “Darkly”

Letters like this make my day. I hoped that the book would inspire people to meet together, watch great films, and discuss them. And it's happening. I continue to hear from people who are discovering the book and starting their own discussion groups. Here's one that came today: ... [M]y dad purchased your book for me and I read it over the summer while I was working as a counselor at a Christian camp. I cannot remember being so enamored of a book and eager to read since the first time I picked … [Read more...]

An Almighty Groan

Latest letters at CT Movies: Tonight I took my two teenagers and a couple of their friends to see Evan Almighty. I am going to recommend this movie to everyone I know! We laughed until we cried, and I was so absolutely touched by the accurate re-telling of this Noah's Ark story‚ so relevant for today, I almost cried during the movie. This is exactly how Noah's wife and his kids must have felt. This movie was so perfect‚ the message was wonderful, and there was not a drop of profanity, violence, … [Read more...]

So it continues: Are Christians a niche audience?

Readers are responding to my recent article at Christianity Today Movies: Christians as a Niche Market? … [Read more...]

New Feedback at CT Movies

There are a couple of new letters up at the CT Movies feedback page... or, as I like to call it, the Greatest Show on Earth. You never know what the letters will be like... sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes it's discouraging, and sometimes it's the best comedy going. … [Read more...]

“Have We Lost Our Minds?” Readers Say “No!”

My blog post about CT Movies' reviews and the Christian perspective that informs them was republished (in an abridged, revised form) at CT Movies. … [Read more...]

CT’s Top Ten Lists: A Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

If you're reading Through a Screen Darkly, you've probably come across some of my "war stories" about the outrageous letters and emails I've received over the years as a Christian film reviewer.I wish I could say things are getting easier. They're not. … [Read more...]

Vote now in CT’s readers’ poll: Best Movies of 2006!

Just so you know, Christianity Today gives positive reviews to wicked movies like Pan's Labyrinth. At least, that's what this letter writer says on the … [Read more...]

Bono’s not a Christian Because He Cusses. Or So I’m Told.

This just came in as a comment on a previous post, but hey... I think it deserves a post all its own. … [Read more...]

A New Batch of Responses at CT Feedback

UPDATED!! NOW, with even more provocative responses from readers...Here's one of the letters contributed by readers after CT's coverage of The Nativity Story, and there are more where this came from: I am shocked that the Vatican approved The Nativity Story. The clergy that run the Catholic church today have gone insane. The scene where Mary goes into labor pains and Joseph delivering baby Jesus is contrary to the special dignity and power God has bestowed upon her. We true Catholics … [Read more...]