“What?! You Mentioned Mormonism?”

A few days back, Christianity Today Movies published an interview with film director Richard Dutcher, who has a Mormon background.And this provoked a classic reactionary response. … [Read more...]

“Have you people lost your minds and perhaps your souls?”

The latest letters to Christianity Today Movies continue to demonstrate the great divide... No Heads in the Sand posted 11/02/06 I am a pastor of a large church in Denver and appreciate your approach on reviewing films. I am proud of you for reviewing R-rated movies and coming to the conclusions you come to. Because of you, I am going to see Little Children because I want to live in the real world. I regret that some Christians have adopted the attitude where we are afraid or unwilling to see … [Read more...]

Another "Facing the Giants" controversy

Facing the Giants, the film that has stirred up some chatter because it was rated PG for its open references to Christianity, is stirring up even more trouble for cultural commentator and writer Dick Staub.Staub dared to suggest that, even though Christians had been involved in making and supporting the film, it was still mediocre and unsatisfying. In fact, his words were even stronger... he called it"another artistic embarrassment in the name of Jesus."Staub is learning an important … [Read more...]

Intriguing letters of the week!

I'm as anxious as anybody to leave the political and critical debates about Brokeback Mountain behind.But email feedback at Looking Closer has more than doubled since my Brokeback Mountain review was published, and just this week, I've received several interesting messages, and a few are from people who go out of their way to say that they aren't Christians, but that they agree with the review.This kind of thing always surprises and delights me. I'm happy to find that there are … [Read more...]

Interesting letter of the day

Got the daily bundle of letters in response to the Brokeback Mountain reviews, but I also received one that was quite unusual. I don't usually post the complimentary letters because I don't want to appear to be glorying in somebody's appreciation. But this one really struck me... While I am not Christian, nor even theistic; I truly wanted to commend your work on this site as being insightful if different, from that of most reviewers. Your brief description of the once uber-popular Fight Club, … [Read more...]

Letter of the Day: Response to “Brokeback Mountain” Review

Today I received this letter in response to my Brokeback Mountain review. Its typical of other responses I've received, but this one was such a convenient distillation of the various contradictions and claims that I was grateful for the chance to address so many common attacks on Christian faith in one fell swoop.When someone starts out by telling you to put down your Christian persepctive and see things the way they are, well, you know you're in for a grand time. I'm not the most eloquent … [Read more...]

Homosexual Heath Ledger Character: Bad. Heterosexually Promiscuous Ledger Character: Not So bad?

I've had some interesting chats with the film writers and the editor of Christianity Today Movies in the wake of the publication of Lisa Cockrel's Brokeback Mountain review.Mark Moring, the CT Movies editor, says he's received over 250 e-mails about the Brokeback Mountain review. Many of them have expressed hatred toward homosexuals. And some of them have expressed hatred towards Christiainity Today for even reviewing the movie.(Some of them are posted here and more here.)But here's … [Read more...]

Thoughts on future Narnia films

I'm engrossed in editing Auralia's Colors this weekend, and working on my Top 25 of 2005.But in the meantime... Jeffrey,I think it has been proved that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has enough legs that a sequel will be made and since you have already posed the question of who might direct future films, I think an interesting question to pose to your readers would be which of the remaining books should or will actually be made into movies. At least I would find that discussion … [Read more...]

New feedback at CT: Narnia

A letter worth noting at the Feedback page for Christianity Today Movies: Narnia Evangelismposted 09/02/05Your Reel News column states, "It's not surprising that believers would see [The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe] as not just mere entertainment, but as an evangelistic opportunity. "In stark contrast, C. S. Lewis' close friend Walter Hooper argues "I was worried that those who talked about 'teaching' the stories as Christian 'theology' might by such efforts frustrate the spell of … [Read more...]

Specials: Staub. Art quotes. Capote. More news.

Today's specials:Dick Staub says "I believe..." Wow. Right on.And speaking of inspirational writing... Jeff Berryman has just given a nod to what may be the biggest archive of art-related quotations on the Web.Phillip Seymour Hoffman stars in Capote.More film-related news has just been posted in Reel News by Josh Hurst.Feedback: This letter came in to Christianity Today this week and made my day: The Brothers Grimm. Too few movie reviewers give such attention to … [Read more...]