Greetings from a Looking Closer reader in Georgia. (No, not THAT Georgia.)

I love hearing from readers, especially when they turn out to be old friends... especially when it turns out those old friends have been up to some amazing things! Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia!It's been far too long since I've dropped you a line, but I have continued to be a regular visitor to your Looking Closer website. I love the Blog, too -- what a great idea!Your review of Zhang Yimou's Hero has me really intrigued. I doubt the film will make it to Georgia any time soon, but I'm … [Read more...]

Email of the Day

For what it's worth, I posted a response at CT Movies to all of those readers who wrote in to tell me that I will be severely judged by the Lord because of my earlier-posted article, in which I argued that profanity is sometimes an appropriate element in art.But not all of the responses to the article were negative. … [Read more...]

That’s Me… “Shatterer of Dreams”

I received this in my email box today, with the strange subject of "Remainder"... … [Read more...]

“There’s no profanity in my society…”

This letter came to me in response to my article at CT about profanity in the movies. My argument covered a lot of points, including the fact that artists often use their work to hold up a reflection to culture with all of its pros and cons. Thus, art often reflects foul language because, clearly, the culture which we have been challenged to love and transform does indeed include people with colorful speech.Here is the response: If you ask me, this is a pretty flimsy way to rationalize and … [Read more...]