Steven Greydanus is Dismantling “Religulous”

Hey, stop by and check it out: Steven Greydanus is dismantling Religulous, exposing the falsity of some of Bill Maher's claims in the film. I'd recommend starting with this post, in which Greydanus begins with a question from Peter Chattaway:Chattaway: ... I do have one question: Does anybody here have any insights into Maher's claim that 16% of the American public -- a bigger chunk of the population than Jews, blacks, gays, or NRA members -- is non-religious? Does that … [Read more...]

Browser, 8/24: Ebert on China; Stillman Still Winning Fans; A True Champion; Faith-Bashing on the Big-Screen

ROGER EBERT GIVES CHINA'S OLYMPICS A BIG THUMB'S UP Yes, there are criticisms to be made. China, like all nations, is far from perfect. Our Bill of Rights would create an upheaval in their society. There are all the stories about the "fakery" of the Olympics opening ceremony. True, but the ceremony was showbiz, which since time immemorial has shown us what cannot be. The amazing aspect is that so many aspects of the "fakery" were so quickly revealed, and no one lost his head because of treason. … [Read more...]

Reader mailstrom, 7/05: When An Angry Atheist Attacks!

[UPDATE: I have received a note of apology from Steven, who submitted the letter that I responded to below. My thanks to Steven for his humble reply.]I just received a letter from "a proud atheist" named Steven. He begins the letter with this quotation: "In fact, Nazi Germany is the thread that ties everything in the movie together. Evolution leads to atheism leads to eugenics leads to Holocaust and Nazi Germany." - Christianity Today film critic Jeffrey Overstreet" Steven even included a … [Read more...]