The Chicago Reader goes for the political angle on Star Wars

Surprise, surprise... The Chicago Reader's J.R. Jones, in the tradition of that paper's preoccupation with political readings of film, sees Revenge of the Sith as an attack on the White House. … [Read more...]

Revenge of the Sith: Post-Viewing Questions

Okay, when you've finally seen Revenge of the Sith, I'd love to hear your thoughts on some of these questions, a few of which I alluded to in my review.CAUTION: A small degree of spoilage is involved, so read on at your own risk. … [Read more...]

Star Wars, Episode Three – My Review

Here's my review.We've reached the Darth nadir. … [Read more...]

Revenge of the Sith reviews!

My review of Star Wars, Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith will be posted on Wednesday. There'll be a long version at CT Movies, and a MUCH more comprehensive version up at Looking Closer. … [Read more...]

Star Wars 3: What Questions Do You Want Answered?

As you count down the days to Star Wars, Episode Three(if, indeed, you care at all)...What are you most eager to see? What questions do you most want to see answered? What problems do you most want to see fixed? What are your deepest fears about the film? What are your greatest hopes?The comments are open for you to unleash your most cynical, or your most optimistic, pleas....When the film comes out, we'll look back and see if it delivered for you.MSNBC certainly has … [Read more...]

The Circle is Now Complete

For me, a journey that began in 1977 ends today. The circle is now complete. … [Read more...]

Just a Few More Days of Waiting Before the Circle Becomes Complete

I have my pass to the sneak preview of Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith.I'm feeling a mix of excitement, dread, and at times a strange indifference. Somehow, I know it's not going to be all I want it to be. All I ask is that there are some memorably good surprises. And that they don't leave any confounding continuity errors. And that they let the actors act. And that the dialogue is free of any painfully bad lines. Okay, so now you can see why I'm not terribly optimistic. … [Read more...]

Have you READ "Revenge of the Sith" yet?

Doesn't it take some of the fun out of OPENING DAY to know that the novelization of Star Wars, Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith is already available at your local bookstore? … [Read more...]

Star Wars 3 – New Trailer, George Lucas on “60 Minutes”

The new trailer for Revenge of the Sith is out there. AOL Users can look at it, and others can too if you browse around a while. (Try Aint It Cool News.) … [Read more...]

My Star Wars Oath

I have never seen a Star Wars movie without knowing the story first.Not once.I read the novelisation before I saw Star Wars on the big screen... at seven years old.I read the classic young-readers' Star Wars "storybooks" ... those large, thin books full of movie photos ... because my family forbade me to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen (they were concerned about the violence and the rumor in Christian circles that all of this Force stuff was of the occult), and because … [Read more...]