How “Downton Abbey” Should End

I don't care to know how Downton Abbey really ends, because I can't think of a better ending than this one...- Dame Maggie Smith wakes up with a cry. Kelly Macdonald is there, having just brought a tray of breakfast. Emily Watson is there too, with Dame Maggie's newspaper. "Oh my," says Maggie, flustered. "I've just had the longest and most melodramatic dream!" … [Read more...]

Robert Altman, Remembered by Friends and Colleagues

A few words about Robert Altman from his friends and colleagues... … [Read more...]

Rest in Peace, Robert Altman

This is a devastating day for anyone who loves great moviemaking. … [Read more...]

Altman wins an Oscar… at last.

What's your favorite Robert Altman film?I love Gosford Park. And several others...He's been one of the Oscars' most overlooked talents for decades. At last, he's getting some credit. … [Read more...]

Is it really Paul Thomas Anderson directing "Prairie Home Companion"?

Robert Altman is, officially, the director of the big screen version of Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion.But reports from the set, according to MNSpeak, suggest otherwise. Apparently, Paul Thomas Anderson (Punch-drunk Love, Magnolia) is shouldering a good deal of responsibility. MNSpeak says, "the producers of the film probably insisted that Altman commit to a "backup" director because of his age ... and some say [Anderson is] basically running daily production of the film. [...] … [Read more...]