Diary of a Country Priest (1951)

An abridged version of this review by Jeffrey Overstreet was published earlier as a summary for the Arts and Faith Top 100 Films List. - “Ponderous”? Yes.“Slow”? Indeed.But Robert Bresson’s 1951 film Diary of a Country Priest is an undisputed classic. It was the third of thirteen films by Bresson who, according to Francois Truffaut, is to French movies what Mozart is to German music. And it may be the best entry point for appreciating his unique style.If this were a "Christian movie … [Read more...]

David Foster Wallace; The Curator; Robert Bresson

REMEMBERING WALLACE (OR, PERHAPS, DISCOVERING HIM)Lots and lots of David Foster Wallace links! Read, be amazed, and be even more distraught over the loss of an imaginative writer. And McSweeney's is paying tribute as well.-CURATOR TWO: CURATORERThere's a new batch of articles at The Curator: Here are some teasers:Caramel is the saddest thing.Michael Chabon, blogging, writer's block, and learning to speak the truth.Can a video game help us regain community?Vassar … [Read more...]

Comparing Robert Bresson and Flannery O’Connor

The new issue of Senses of Cinema sounds is a feast of thought-provoking essays.Not only does it have a feature on the long, slow emergence of Blade Runner as a classic, but it features four essays on Robert Bresson... including one that asks us to consider the correlation of Bresson's filmmaking and Flannery O'Connor's writing. They express their faith through images and characters and styles that only seem faithless and without reverence. Initially, in O’Connor especially, this comes off a … [Read more...]

Specials: "Land of Plenty." Starbucks music, NEA in trouble? Bresson an athiest?

WIM WENDERS & SCOTT DERRICKSON'S LAND OF PLENTYReviewed by Andrew O'Hehir at Salon. It's nice to see this film getting some attention, but why can't it find a distributor? And why doesn't O'Hehir even mention one of the most interesting aspects of the film--the fact that it was written by Scott Derrickson, who wrote and directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose?STARBUCKS IS CHANGING THE MUSIC BUSINESS The Guardian wakes up and smells the coffee-shop-cds.REPUBLICANS MOVING TO AXE THE … [Read more...]

Get ready for the Criterion DVD of "Au Hasard Balthazar"

Robert Bresson's haunting, soulful masterpiece is coming...Have you advance-ordered your copy? I have. This was the best film I saw on the big screen last year, and I've thought about it more than any other film since. … [Read more...]

Au Hasard Balthazar

My favorite moviegoing experience of last year was Robert Bresson's Au Hasard Balthazar.Now, Darren Hughes at Long Pauses has given me the best news I've heard all week... … [Read more...]