“Watchmen”: Five Reviews from Critics that Matter to Me (They Disagree)

Post your review, or a link to your favorite, below.Here are five from voices that matter to me:Robert Davis Steven D. Greydanus Russ Breimeier Andrew O'Hehir Roger Ebert … [Read more...]

A Fantastic New Film Blog: Daily Plastic

What could be better than a blog by Paste's chief film critic Robert Davis? … [Read more...]

Paste’s Robert Davis on “The New World”

This review of The New World made me applaud.It's just so terribly exciting when somebody gets what is so brilliant about this film. And Davis hits the nail on the head when he describes Malick's bold choices.I've read long, rambling reviews trying to find words for why the film works. And I've written a few of those reviews.Davis clearly and efficiently captures what's so great about this story.Thank you, Robert Davis, wherever you are. … [Read more...]