Valentine’s Day Special: Are These the Top 25 Films About Marriage?

Will you be celebrating Valentine's Day at the movies? If so, what will you watch? Perhaps you'll watch something romantic. Or, if you're like me and Anne, you'll just watch what sounds good. (I think she may be interested in checking out Skyfall, now that it's available online; or maybe an old favorite that involves both fantasy and true love, like Ladyhawke or The Princess Bride.)It won't be hard to find a film about love. It won't be hard to find a film about dating or romance. But it is, … [Read more...]

Need a Date Movie for Valentine’s Day?

Today I was a guest on the radio program "Along the Way." We discussed Christianity Today Movies' "Most Redeeming Films of 2008."But I was also asked to recommend some romantic movies for Valentine's Day. We didn't have time to discuss more than a few, but here's the list I hurriedly threw together for their website: … [Read more...]