Two new albums by Sufjan Stevens, and one by Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips just tweeted this news for subscribers to her Long Play music club: Long Play EP #5, "Days of the One Night Stands", will be released tomorrow, August 27th exclusively to Long Play... I love that title.It'll be a good Friday.Subscribers can now listen to a long conversation between Sam Phillips and Eric Gorfain at The Long Play's "Phone Booth," as they talk about their year of collaborations, and the future.But wait, there's more... … [Read more...]

Magic for Everybody!

When I discovered the character called Auralia - that mischievous, compulsively creative young girl who weaves together all of the colors she can find in the dark forest - I was reminded of many friends and inspirations who live lives of constant imaginative endeavor. … [Read more...]

Joe Henry, Sam Phillips, and The Long Play:’s Video Blog #2

I'm still a beginner when it comes to iMovie. But I'm learning a little every time I work with it.This episode, in which I learn that ten minutes is too long for this sort of thing, covers some of my favorite recent music. And it has a couple of surprises for you.Enjoy.And when you're finished, go visit and, where you'll find information about two worlds abundant in poetry and insight. … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips’ Huge News

Sam Phillips fans... are you sitting down? … [Read more...]

Browser: Another New Sam Phillips Song. A Surprising Top Ten List. Favorite Albums of 2009 So Far. Calvin & Hobbes.

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines may be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned.Hi ho, Jeffrey the Blogger here. … [Read more...]

Was It All In Her Head?

Sam Phillips is currently without a label, an intolerable circumstance.So she's releasing new songs for free on her website.There's a new track up today, available here. Okay, it's not exactly new. It was recorded in 2004, and produced by T-Bone Burnett (which is rather ironic, if you think about what was going on with Sam in 2004, and what this song seems to be about). She's played it live, but the song's never been released before.It'll only be up for a couple of weeks, so get it … [Read more...]

Browser: Sam Phillips, David Bazan, Robert Shiller, economic bubbles, Bono on Easter, and Jim Jarmusch

I'm so busy editing the next strand of The Auralia Thread, Raven's Ladder, and composing new articles for Image and Christianity Today that I'm flat out of time to blog anything substantial. So here's a rundown of links that caught my attention over the last few days...There's a new Sam Phillips song on the way May 1st. David Bazan rocks Seattle Pacific University. Robert Shiller discussed Starbucks VIA, Miracle Whip, and economic bubbles, at Seattle Pacific University's Downtown … [Read more...]

Browser: Never Let Them Spoil “Never Let Me Go”; Sam Phillips; Andy Warhol’s Faith

Another of my favorite novels is coming to the big screen. Keira Knightley will star in Mark Romanek's adaptation of Never Let Me Go, an extraordinary science fiction novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, author or The Remains of the Day.But there's a problem here. The book is a fantastic read, in part because of the slow, painstaking pace at which the author makes an unsettling revelation. In summaries of the movie, that revelation is being announced right off the bat, blatantly spoiling any kind of … [Read more...]

A 20th Anniversary event… and you’re invited to read every word.

All in one issue.Gregory Wolfe on Tarkovsky's Stalker Franz Wright Makoto Fujimura Tim Rollins Robert Cording Ron Hansen Stanley Hauerwas Christian Wiman Ted & Cathy Prescott Scott Cairns Harold Fickett and... Sam Phillips (interviewed by yours truly)You'll get this 20th Anniversary Issue of Image free when you subscribe: here. … [Read more...]

Browser – “Snowpocalypse” edition: Over the Rhine, U2, WALL-E, Sam Phillips

Merry Christmas, everybody!I've just returned from Cincinnati, where I joined about 2,500 friends to celebrate Over the Rhine's 20th anniversary. We enjoyed three days of concerts, the reunion of Over the Rhine's original lineup, and music spanning their whole career. I'll soon be writing about the band, the history, the poetry, the fans, and a kind of band/audience relationship you just won't find anywhere else. But for now, I'm just smiling in the glow of some unforgettable experiences, … [Read more...]