Remember “Saved”?

Brian Dannelly's satire about growing up in a Christian high school stirred up a lot of controversy and debate amongst Christians back when it opened. I reviewed it here and wrote more about it in Through a Screen Darkly.Now, Saved! is coming back. As a musical off-Broadway. … [Read more...]

My Favorite Response to Saved!

The best response to the movie Saved! that I've heard yet is a one-line quip passed along by my friend Michael Leary, who heard someone else say it after a screening of the film... … [Read more...]

SHOCKER! Christian Critics Hate ‘Saved!’

Right on cue, Christian film critics are lining up to condemn Saved! for being a "hateful attack on Christianity."What it is, in fact, is a spot-on satire about the manipulative, militant tactics of many evangelical Christians who give the faith a bad name with their codes of conformity. … [Read more...]

What do Shrek 2 and Saved! have in common?

A few things to think about before you see Shrek 2 and Saved!, which open in a few weeks.This is not a review. This is just food for thought.The two films actually have quite a bit in common... … [Read more...]