Scott Derrickson May Not “Deliver Us From Evil,” But He Knows Who Can

This year, I've seen two priests on the big screen. Both have marched solemnly toward a showdown with evil.That evil takes two very different forms — a human being with a gun and a grudge, and a demon using a broken human being as his vessel. … [Read more...]

A Novelist, A Horror Filmmaker, and Two Critics: Conversations Worth Hearing

I love it when people I love interview people I love. … [Read more...]

Look! Wes Anderson Winners, Over the Rhine, James Bond, “Anna Karenina,” “Lincoln,” Twitter, Wim Wenders, Aimee Mann, Scott Derrickson, Sara Zarr, and “The Kid With a Bike”

Look!These links caught my attention today, for one reason or another.Check back later. I may add more look-worthy links as the day goes on. … [Read more...]

From “Sinister” to Stephen King

Deadline reports that Scott Derrickson, enjoying the success of his new horror film Sinister (here's my review), is moving to direct a film based on a Stephen King novella called Breathing Method. The adaptation was written by Scott Teems (That Evening Sun).What's it about? The novella was part of the 1982 King collection Different Seasons and was the only story in the volume that hasn’t yet been adapted. If focuses on an elderly physician named Dr. Emlyn McCarron who recounts an incident in … [Read more...]

Sinister (2012)

A word of advice: If you ever stumble onto a serial killer's personal records of his crimes, turn them over to the police. Don't keep them in your home and stay up late examining them night after night.Ellison Oswalt might have saved himself a lot of trouble had he done that. But then, if you're buying a ticket to Sinister, you've come to get the wits scared out of you. And reasonable behavior just isn't on the menu for characters in this genre.The title Sinister should tell you what you … [Read more...]

My Sinister Birthday

Early reviews suggest that Scott Derrickson's new movie Sinister, starring Ethan Hawke, is going to ruin moviegoers' peace of mind across the country over the next several weeks.Today, the director himself admitted as much, when he responded to me on Twitter like this... … [Read more...]

Introducing… Scott Derrickson.

I've just returned from The Glen Workshop, my favorite event of the year, a week-long arts conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, hosted by IMAGE journal. (They've published a brief sum-up of that extraordinary eight-day experience here.) I've attended almost ten years in a row now, and IMAGE posted a "video postcard" in which I testified about the profundity of Scott Cairns' keynote address. There are other postcards as well; I'm not the only one overjoyed, rejuvenated, and inspired by this … [Read more...]

Notes from Gareth Higgins and Scott Derrickson on the Shootings in Colorado…

Some thought-provoking reflections on the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, from the Facebook page of the honorable Gareth Higgins (mastermind of the Wild Goose Festival): When President Obama says that those in authority will do everything possible to ensure safety in the light of the Colorado cinema shootings, I hope we can have a thoughtful conversation about how policies promoted by a national myth addicted to violence cannot be divorced from how some individuals may not be able to control … [Read more...]

A Couple of Notes on Richard Dawkins

Today, I noticed Scott Derrickson posting this link on Twitter. It's a link to an article by Marilynne Robinson, author of Gilead, contesting the claims of Richard Dawkins. So, of course, I had to drop everything and read it.Then, when I posted the link on Facebook, a friend answered with this quote from Camille Paglia on Richard Dawkins ... … [Read more...]

Casting Call: Two Satans, Two Adams, Two Eves…

If everything goes according to plan for director Scott Derrickson, he'll direct a feature film based on John Milton's Paradise Lost, and we'll see the war in heaven and the fall in the garden depicted more vividly than any film that has come before.But he's apparently not the only one with such ambitions. The Hollywood Reporter says that producer Martin Poll has a similar aim. Who knows? Paradise Lost may follow in the path of Truman Capote, who had two films about him released within a … [Read more...]