First Word on “The Day the Earth Stood Still” offers a review of Scott Derrickson's The Day the Earth Stood Still! Director Scott Derrickson actually does a better job within the sci-fi genre than he did with supernatural courtroom concoction of "Exorcism of Emily Rose," creating a well-crafted film that maintains the feel of foreboding from the original movie without losing sight of how the world has changed. You can tell the filmmakers really understand the central premise behind the original alien invasion movie, one that … [Read more...]

Sympathy for the Devil: Derrickson on “Paradise Lost”

When the sun sets on the new remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, where will writer/director Scott Derrickson go next? … [Read more...]

Reader Mail – 6/4: Pocorn is evil; Cyndere’s cover art; Derrickson on gradual bedazzlement; Bob on the iTunes lecture

from Julie: What do you eat at the movies? … [Read more...]

MTV Interviews Derrickson on “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

As noted earlier, the trailer for The Day The Earth Stood Still has arrivedAnd MTV is talking to director Scott Derrickson. … [Read more...]

The Browser 2/14: Derrickson on U23D. Patrice Leconte. Hobbit. Pics.

Scott Derrickson on U23DFilmmaker Scott Derrickson found some time in the middle of his hard work on The Day the Earth Stood Still to comment on my euphoric reaction to U23D. He writes: I had a very similar experience Jeffrey. The new Technology is astounding, and I now understand why Cameron is obsessed with it. It's a new kind of cinema. There is no frame. It's not something you watch, it's something you're IN. And like you, I'm so glad the experience of the technology was matched by the … [Read more...]

The Day the Earth Took a Silly Walk

Scott Derrickson's The Day the Earth Stood Still becomes more and more interesting all the time.IGN is reporting that a very silly person is in talks to join the cast! Cleese will play physicist Dr. Barnhardt, a Nobel Prize laureate who plays a key part in figuring out the mission and meaning of the arrival of the alien Klaatu (played by Reeves). … [Read more...]

Specials: Bourne, Batman, Potter, Wenders, Derrickson, Bjork, Sunshine, and more.

A few quick notes and links from my flurry of catching up:I can't believe it. After all of the buzz, the hype, the excitement, I've seen The Bourne Ultimatum, and I'm really, really disappointed. It's the least of the three... basically 112 minutes of action, with a plot thread that introduces absolutely ZERO new ideas to the series. Don't get me wrong... the action is slick and exhilarating. And it's still the best sequel of the summer. But the storytellers have utterly failed to take … [Read more...]

Conversations with Critics About Favorite Films of 2006

It was the year of the endangered baby. Tsotsi, L'Enfant, The Nativity Story, Pan's Labyrinth,Children of Men... all of these films were focused on either infants or unborn children who are carried through terrible danger. But that was a subset of films characterized by a larger similarity.... It was the year of the nightmare. … [Read more...]

Ralph Winter: Producer of Blockbuster movies. “Gladiator” fan. Comic-book movie expert. Christian.

"Hollywood."In the media... especially in the Christian media... the word "Hollywood" gets thrown around a lot."Hollywood is anti-Christian. It is always producing projects that lampoon, criticize, and ridicule Christians.""We need to clean up Hollywood.""Christians should not have anything to do with what comes out of Hollywood."Meanwhile, in the middle of Hollywood, you'll find Christians are working hard to create good films, to deliver excellent performances, to write … [Read more...]

Scott Derrickson has another project, already!

Coming Soon reports that Scott Derrickson, who's working on a little flick called Paradise Lost, is also co-writing and directing a film about the story that prompted a documentary titled... would you believe?... Paradise Lost. His dramatization will be titled Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three. ...the drama centers on an infamous Arkansas murder case that ended with the conviction of three teens based largely on their alleged fascination with the occult.Three children … [Read more...]