UPDATE: Christianity Today Critiques Movieguide’s “Hollywood Stimulus Plan”

In a display of uncharacteristically poor judgment, The Wall Street Journal has published the "Report to the Industry" by Movieguide's Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder.Did the editors there actually read the flimsy claims being made?Film enthusiasts and critics everywhere, Christian and otherwise, went... huh?!Mark Moring at Christianity Today has posted a response today,but not before these had appeared: Dan Savage, Jim Emerson, and Glenn Kenny.Granted, some of those mainstream cr … [Read more...]

“Cyndere’s Midnight” is threatening marriages?!

A dismaying post from Sean Gaffney in L.A.!Oh, and by the way, I had the pleasant surprise of an encounter with Cyndere's Midnight reader Jessica Ribera at church on Sunday. She came running up to happily report that she had "dreamed of the Keeper! There were tracks on the ground, and everything!" If you've read Auralia's Colors and Cyndere's Midnight, you'll know the significance of this. The Keeper lives... (in dreams, anyway). … [Read more...]

Specials: Auralia Meets Graeme; Gaffney on CAFF; Chattaway on Faith/Film

I'm going back into a period of intense imagining, polishing up the sequel to Auralia's Colors. So, offline I'll be rather antisocial for the next few weeks, and my blogging may slow down a bit.By the way, did I mention that I'll send you autographed copies of Auralia's Colors if you want to give them as Christmas presents? Just follow the instructions.Or, if you prefer not to have any ink scrawled on the title page, just pick them up at your local bookstore, or online at Amazon and Barne … [Read more...]

Church Play Auditions: The Heartbreaking Saga of Sean Gaffney Continues

Did you miss Parts One and Two of Sean Gaffney's series about art, excellence, and Christians who throw tantrums when someone tells them they're not good enough for the church play?When you've read those... … [Read more...]

The Passion of Sean Gaffney

God bless Sean Gaffney.He's been hosting auditions for his church drama group.Seems like a simple enough job, doesn't it?Oh, no, no, no.Judging auditions is a very complicated job. And judging them for a church drama group can be hell on earth.Sean's story will be familiar to many of you who have struggled with being an artist in the church.Here's the riveting Part One...... and he's just posted Part Two, in which he dares to consider what the Bible has to say about … [Read more...]

Specials: Rata-trouble? Remembering Yang.

Jeff Berryman the power of a rat in the kitchenSean Gaffney points out three serious problems with Ratatouille. Who can argue with such scathing criticism?Okay, enough kidding around. Carissa Turner Smith really does have a problem with Ratatouille, even though she enjoyed it.-J. Robert Parks has posted a tribute to Edward Yang at FramingDevice.org.  … [Read more...]

A Movieguide Survivor Responds to the Previous Post

This comment was added to my previous post, and I'm grateful to Sean Gaffney for his input and perspective. Wow, Jeff, where to begin.I had the interesting experience of writing freelance reviews for Movie Guide years ago (way too far down the food chain to even meet the founder). On one hand, I feel for you, brother. On the other – congratulations! If Mr. Baehr thinks you deserve attack, it probably means you are doing quality work.And my heart goes out to all the reviewers working u … [Read more...]

Specials: Boycotts! Batman! Bono!

Tuesday specials:DON'T GO READ THIS! (Now you're curious, aren't you?) Sean Gaffney boycotts boycotting! Because, as they said in Field of Dreams, "If you protest, they will come." He also congratulates Cory Edwards, and so do I, for its continuing top ten success at the box office. Bring on Hoodwinked 2: Hoodwinked Harder!GEEK ALERT: CINEMATICAL'S GOT BATMAN CASTING RUMORS Who would YOU cast as Joker? As Harvey Dent? Here are some interesting ideas...U-WHO? CBN notices this … [Read more...]

Act One’s Sean Gaffney reviews "The Book of Daniel"

You go, Gaffney.... The Jesus of THE BOOK OF DANIEL would never say, “Go and sin no more.” He would only say, “Go.” … [Read more...]

Gaffney on "Scrubs"

My friend Sean Gaffney has a window on screenwriting in Hollywood that gives him unique insights on the industry, so I'm thrilled to see him blogging.Too bad he started out by defending King Kong.Oh well, anyway... THIS week he's highlighting something that happened on "Scrubs," and it makes me very sorry I missed the show. … [Read more...]