In Memory of My Friend, My Boss, My Mentor: Jennifer Gilnett

Demaray Tower

The last 13 days have been a harrowing experience of heartbreak and loss for me and many who are close to me. I haven't said anything about it here at Looking Closer, but I think the time has come. … [Read more...]

Hey, Moviegoers: You’re Invited to a Secret Seattle Q&A [Updated: Robert Horton Details]


If you could meet and interrogate your local film critics, free of charge, would you do it? … [Read more...]

Angela Tucker Found Something on Facebook That Changed Her Life


Ask about “Sandy the Flower Man” in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the citizens will tell you stories. He’s a lively and well-loved local who bicycles up and down Main Street, giving flowers to women and smiles to everybody.But when Angela Burt Tucker found his Facebook page in 2010, she knew she was looking at more than a friendly stranger. He had her smile. And what’s more, his real name matched that of her birth father: Oterious Bell. … [Read more...]

July 18: The Gratitude List

the ferry dock piano keys

Today, I'm grateful for many things. Here are a few of them... … [Read more...]

Abraham Lincoln: A Trailer, A Speech, and “Divine Providence”


Yes, the trailer is here. And it looks... well... huh. To me, this preview makes it look like a big sappy Spielberg movie that is reverent to a fault. It looks like it takes place in the same world as Amistad, where the themes are louder than the details, and everything is filmed so that characters look more like noble wax museum representations than living, breathing human beings.Of course, this is just a trailer. Perhaps the film will be better than this trailer makes it look.Since … [Read more...]

Thursday is Oscar Day at Seattle Pacific University

This Thursday at Seattle Pacific University, in the Library's "Thursday Food for Thought" program, I'll be sharing some thoughts on the nine films nominated for Best Picture in this year's Oscar race. … [Read more...]

A new blog, a new job, and a whole lot of learning. Welcome to Brainstorm.

What's new in 2012?Here's something...  … [Read more...]

The School Newspaper: The Best Place to Start?

Did you — or do you — write for your school newspaper? … [Read more...]

Hello, Pittsburgh, I’m On the Air

This week, on Pittsburgh's WORD-FM, John Hall and Kathy Emmons are talking with special guests about Christianity and culture. And I got to join the party. Want to hear our on-the-air chat? … [Read more...]

Through the Eyes of Haitian Teenagers

Remember the powerful, inspiring movie Born into Brothels?If you were inspired by that, then check this out. … [Read more...]