What to Expect in This Blog’s Upcoming Days

The new and improved Looking Closer blog is open for business, but there will be a lot of construction over the next several months.It's going to be strange: As I post new things, I'm also going be restoring old posts. So the blog will expand forward and backward.Please email me if you find links that aren't working or other problems. (Please don't report problems here in the Comments, as I hope to correct problems quickly and would rather not have to moderate repair-related comments in … [Read more...]

Number 10,000

Frankly, that number doesn't mean very much when it comes to Twitter.In fact, 10,000 Tweets is probably something to be embarrassed about.But my 10,000th post on Twitter is going to be unusual... … [Read more...]


Welcome to the new all-in-one site for Looking Closer.Looking for the blog? It's called "The Journal."Looking for reviews? We're transferring them as fast as we can. Most of the film reviews are up, but the music reviews... well... we've barely scratched the surface there yet. Please be patient.Looking for information on my books? You'll find it, although there's still a lot of organizing to do.Many many more features are in the works.If you need access to a particular review … [Read more...]

Iowa you an explanation.

I'm in Orange City, Iowa.It's like... 20 degrees here, and there's snow on the ground.I'm preparing for my third presentation of the day at Northwestern College. It'll be a public lecture about Christian discernment in the arts. So I'm busy, I'm tired (jet lag and stress), and I'm having a fantastic time with gracious hosts.Normal blogging will resume when I get back and catch up on my sleep.Stay tuned... … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Change that I can blog in.

UPDATE: Have a look! Look closer!Looking Closer 2.0 is coming. … [Read more...]