See You on Friday, Chicago!

Last time I saw Chicago, it was 2003 and my mind was on the Cornerstone Festival, several hours west of the city.On Thursday evening, I'll arrive in Chicago again... … [Read more...]

Pittsburgh, Here I Come. See You Thursday.

On Thursday, I'm flying to Pittsburgh for this event: … [Read more...]

IAM Encounter 10: How Then Shall We Tell Stories?

I hope you enjoy this presentation of my visit to Encounter 10, the 2010 arts conference hosted by International Arts Movement.This talk was my response to a question posed to me by the IAM team. I had the privilege of sharing thoughts in response to the question "How Then Shall We Tell Stories?" (This followed my " IAM conversation" with the sensational Christy Tennant, which you can listen to here.)It's a variation on an evolving presentation that I've shared at Seattle Pacific … [Read more...]

I’m a ramblin’ guy. I’m ramblin’, ramblin’ round…

Chances are I'll make my way to your neighborhood one of these days, if I haven't already. And I'd love to meet readers, and anybody who has ventured into the world of Auralia's Colors, Cyndere's Midnight, and Raven's Ladder.These days, I've been delivering presentations on:"Following The Auralia Thread" - Writing Fantasy as a Practice of Discovery "Beyond Blockbusters" - Entering the Mind of Contemplative Cinema "Through a Screen Darkly" - Faith, Discernment, and a … [Read more...]

I’m coming to Spokane – January 26

Spokane, I'm coming to visit!I'll be speaking about faith, film, and fantasy... and signing books... at the luncheon for the Spokane College Women's Association on January 26.A couple of Whitworth students got word of this and asked if I would be speaking at the school as well. There's been no invitation from Whitworth - maybe that'll happen someday - but here's the good news: … [Read more...]

Is Having a Film Festival?

No, not quite.But the truth is even better. … [Read more...]

Iowa you an explanation.

I'm in Orange City, Iowa.It's like... 20 degrees here, and there's snow on the ground.I'm preparing for my third presentation of the day at Northwestern College. It'll be a public lecture about Christian discernment in the arts. So I'm busy, I'm tired (jet lag and stress), and I'm having a fantastic time with gracious hosts.Normal blogging will resume when I get back and catch up on my sleep.Stay tuned... … [Read more...]

Beauty… Open to the Public!

Tomorrow, you are invited to visit Seattle Pacific University for a day of free lectures, open to the public, on the subject of BEAUTY.You can attend any that you like. Here's the program: … [Read more...]

Dude… I’m Going to Iowa!

Northwestern College of Iowa has extended me a gracious invitation to come and spend a day talking about faith and film with the students. I can't wait. I'll be there Monday, November 10.Anybody here at Northwestern? … [Read more...]

Next Wednesday at Seattle Pacific University…

Next Wednesday, Seattle Pacific University throws the doors wide open to the public for a day of lectures on the subject of BEAUTY.I'll be speaking about beauty, beasts, and Cyndere's Midnight.And before that, I'll be speaking at this conference for high school teachers.I hope to see some of you at one or the other of these events. Bonus points if I see you at both! … [Read more...]