Portland on Sunday

I hope to see you Sunday in Portland!UPDATE:Many thanks to all of you who, after church on Sunday, decided to spend a gloriously sunny afternoon sitting and listening to me talk about Christians' engagement with movies. I was blessed by your attention, your questions, and the warm welcome I received at Montavilla Baptist Church.Special thanks to my uncle, Paul Morris, for going to so much work to spread the word and set things up, and for showing up the day after the wedding of his … [Read more...]

Looking Closer… in Portland, Oregon!

On Sunday, August 21, I'm coming back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon...to talk about my experiences as a Christian and a film critic; to describe the current dialogue in the media and in churches about the value and nature of art; to examine the way Christians respond to movies; to address the important differences between propaganda, entertainment, and art; to talk about the unique way in which art reveals the glory of God; and to answer any questions you might have.I'd … [Read more...]

Today’s Specials: Overstreet on Hiatus! And More…

I've been away for a couple of days, preparing for my presentation at Seattle Pacific University University's UR (University Relations) Staff Retreat.The retreat was yesterday, and I had the incredible privilege of talking to about 75 SPU staff members about my history as a moviegoer, the development of Looking Closer; the changing dialogue within Christian communities on the subject of film, Christian liberty, and conscience; the different ways in which we watch and should watch movies; the … [Read more...]

U2 in Church … A Wonderful Night

I had to fight back some serious surges of emotion tonight as a dream came true for me. I'd always wanted to share with my church what it is about U2 that moves me so much, what it is about their work that has transformed my life and drawn me closer to God.My pastor invited me to do just that this week, and tonight I was given the better part of an hour to tell U2's story, to draw the attention of the congregation to the poetry of Bono's lyrics, to talk about how cleverly and brilliantly … [Read more...]

U2 in Church!

U2 will NOT be playing live at GreenLake Presybterian Church on Sunday night. But their history, art, and ministry will be the focus of my presentation there.Tomorrow night, I'll be talking about the work and testimony of U2 at GreenLake Presbyterian Church. … [Read more...]

Dick Staub’s new book: "Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters"!

My friend Dick Staub recently impressed the heck out of me all over again with his eloquence on the subject of art and faith when we joined a panel discussion for Christians in the Theatre Arts. In fact, the conversation between us, writer/actor Jeff Berryman, and actor Grant Goodeve was probably the most exciting dialogue on faith and art I've experienced. I wish I'd recorded it, because I want transcripts of everything those guys said. … [Read more...]

Part 2 of Movie Talk at GreenLake Presbyterian Church

Tonight I'll present Part Two in my review of "Meaning in the Movies of 2004," at GreenLake Presbyterian Church at 6 p.m. … [Read more...]

At GreenLake Presybterian: Let’s Talk About the Movies of 2004

You could sit and read dozens of "Year's Best" lists in the next few weeks, or you could just skip all of that and pencil this date onto your calendar: January 9th, 2005.I'll be at GreenLake Presbyterian Church in Seattle to talk to anyone that cares to listen about what the films of 2004 say to us about ourselves, our culture, where we're hurting, what we're hoping for, and what we value. I'll talk about what was worth seeing, what wasn't, what's worth seeing again, and what I'm trying to … [Read more...]

Jerry Jenkins and Jeffrey Overstreet… speaking at the same thing?

It's true. … [Read more...]