Gravity (2013), or Dr. Stone and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Space Walk

OCTOBER 17 UPDATE: A REVIEW OF THE REVIEWERS WHO REVIEWED MY REVIEW. "Self-indulgent.""Self-important.""Bad... just bad."The reviews are in. No... not the reviews of Gravity. The reviews of my review of Gravity. … [Read more...]

Today’s Favorite: Breakthroughs in Big-Screen Visual Artistry

The Wizard of Oz enchanted audiences with a wonderland of color that made moviegoing more vivid and exuberantly engaging. When Star Wars opened in 1977, it represented a giant leap forward in the art of visual effects and sound effects. Tron gave us an aesthetic experience through computers that was unlike anything we'd seen before. With Toy Story, the world of feature animation changed.Recently, I've seen three films that I think should be included on any list of groundbreaking, pioneering … [Read more...]

Stan Winston, Designer of the Terminator, Dead at 62.

Did you flinch when Edward Scissorhands reached out? That was Stan Winston. Did your stomach turn when The Thing tore apart its victims? That was Stan Winston. … [Read more...]

Unbearable “Noise”; CGI vs. Ye Olde Fashioned Way

I watched Noise last week. I was assigned to review it. I was excited, because it came from writer-director Henry Bean. Bean made The Believer in 2001, an intriguing movie about a neo-Nazi starring Ryan Gosling a few years back. But alas, I should have looked closer. Bean also wrote Basic Instinct 2.Sure enough, Noise is awful. The more I watched, the more I was frightened by what happened to me. While the central character slowly descended into madness and rage, so I too descended into … [Read more...]