Tiger, Tiger, Burning Blight: The Problem With Pi-ety

If A. O. Scott's description of Ang Lee's movie Life of Pi is accurate, then he's confirming my suspicions about the hollowness of the narrative's heart. That is to say, he's assuring me that the movie preserves the fundamental wishy-washiness of the book's core ideas. … [Read more...]

Spiritual, Not Religious?

It occurred to me this morning, when I heard somebody answer a question with words I've heard a thousand times: To say "I'm spiritual but not religious" is like saying... … [Read more...]

“I’m not religious. But I’m a very spiritual person.”

"I'm not religious. But I'm a spiritual person. Very spiritual. I'm not into organized religion."Can't think of a claim I've heard more often in my interviews with filmmakers, actors, and artists. … [Read more...]