Inspire me: What’s the best way to end a series?

Okay, I'm not really looking for ideas about how to end The Auralia Thread.The first draft of The Ale Boy's Feast is very roughly drafted, and by the time the fireworks go off on the 4th, I'll have given a readable version to the editors. (It feels like I'm preparing to take a patient with worrying symptoms to the doctor to await a diagnosis.)I know how it ends. And I get a little shaky just thinking about the questions that I won't pursue to full resolution, and the unexpected … [Read more...]

Beware of Spoilers: Avoid the Trailer to “Never Let Me Go.”

One of my favorite reading experiences ever was experiencing the slow, subtle, and eventually overwhelming revelations in the book "Never Let Me Go." … [Read more...]

Don’t Read Roger Ebert’s WALL-E Review!

Much as I hate to say this about the work of my favorite mainstream film critic... … [Read more...]

Some Christian Film Critics are Spoiling "Superman Returns."

A responsible and principled film critic will follow a few simple rules: … [Read more...]

My Star Wars Oath

I have never seen a Star Wars movie without knowing the story first.Not once.I read the novelisation before I saw Star Wars on the big screen... at seven years old.I read the classic young-readers' Star Wars "storybooks" ... those large, thin books full of movie photos ... because my family forbade me to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen (they were concerned about the violence and the rumor in Christian circles that all of this Force stuff was of the occult), and because … [Read more...]