Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest

I have a new all-time favorite NBA player. … [Read more...]

World Cup Pope

What does Pope Benedict XVI think of soccer? … [Read more...]

Even the Steelers’ quarterback doesn’t think that was a touchdown.

For all you Steelers fans who have emailed me to insist that your quarterback did score that touchdown, guess who agrees with me?Your quarterback.I stand by my statement. The Seahawks lost because the refs decided they would lose, not because the Steelers won.Elsewhere:Miami Herald: But make no mistake about Super Bowl XL, the performance of referee Bill Leavy and his crew overshadowed Pittsburgh's heroics and Seattle's blunders.The Seahawks justifiably can complain that … [Read more...]

Seattle Won the Super Bowl

What happens if the referees make the right call, and see that Pittsburgh's quarterback did NOT break the touchdown line with the ball? You take away a Pittsburgh touchdown. The replays made it clear: He came as close as you can get, but he was stopped at the line — the ball never crossed it.What happens if, as the announcers agreed, you give Seattle that touchdown reception, in which there was only the typical jostling for position and not offensive-pass-interference? You give Seattle a tou … [Read more...]

Specials: Sundance review. Walter’s "New World" rave. "Lost" money. DaVinci debut. X3 pic. New mom Jessica Poundstone. And Seahawks.

Monday specials:SUNDANCE ME TO THE END OF MEDIOCRE FILMS GreenCine coverage of the Sundance Film Festival is almost too expansive to comprehend. So many movies, so many reviews. From a review of Thank You for Smoking that calls it "I Heart Huckabees For Dummies," to a review of the intriguingly titled A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, to a review of Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man ... they're all over it.NEW WORLD'S NEW RAVE Adam Walter joins me and the rest who were swept away by … [Read more...]

Boxing day.

Warning: Late-afternoon rant ahead.Watching one of those movie-trailer television commercials on Monday (I mean, a TV commercial projected on the big screen, not a movie trailer on television), I finally reached the breaking point.The commercial was for The Apprentice and The Contender. I'm not fond of The Apprentice, because it seems to reward dog-eat-dog behavior. But I won't touch The Contender with a ten-foot pole.I want boxing to go away.Yes, I liked Million Dollar Baby, but … [Read more...]