From the Wisdom of St. Cinemas, Excerpt 2: Contentious Criticism

The letters of St. Cinemas Criticus are leading me to think about the "tone of voice" in which moviegoers and film critics (myself included) discuss and review what they have seen.I was reading a review today in which the reviewer went beyond finding fault with a movie. In fact, she condemned the work because of what she found wrong with it, and could not contain her disgust. I was surprised, because other reviewers who had acknowledged similar weaknesses in the film had also spoken … [Read more...]

From the Widsom of St. Cinemas, Excerpt 1

St. Cinemas, or St. Criticus Cinemas of Cineplexia (as he is also known), is one of the first and most revered film critics. Some find him to be "snooty" and "elitist." He remains reviled by many on the right and on the left, and this applies if you take me to refer to political leanings or mere geographical location.But I quietly hope that his views will be reconsidered in this age of cinema, in which success has more to do with accessibility, politics, money, and fleeting trends than … [Read more...]