And Suddenly… Harrison Ford, Back in Character!

We held our breath.The Lucasfilm logo came up.We cheered.Familiar music...Familiar sights...And then... … [Read more...]

Looking Elsewhere: Blood Oranges, Image, Hurray for the Riff Raff, PJ Harvey, Lightsabers, P.D. James, and More.

The last couple of weeks have been full of terrible news and similarly terrible shows of hard-heartedness and prejudice, with the headlines dominated by violence, racism, injustice, riots, and worse. Thus, I've been especially drawn to rare flashes of goodness, humor, and grace.Some of those have come in the form of the Christmas party playlists that I've published here at the blog, thanks to Joe Henry, Ashley Cleveland, and several more that I'll post in the coming days.And here are a … [Read more...]

Surely J. J. Abrams Can Do Better: Phantom Menace at 15

UPDATE: May 2014 Star Wars - Episode One: The Phantom Menace is 15 years old this week. I know, I know. Take a deep breath. Let go of your anger, young Jedi. Most of us agree that it was a major disappointment. Many had hoped for a new trilogy that would be, for a new generation, what that first trilogy was for those of us who experienced it as children — something truly revolutionary, enthralling, and worth watching over and over again. But it was easy to see, right away, that The Phantom Me … [Read more...]

When You Wish Upon Star Wars – Episode Seven

It took about five minutes for this news to go from an announcement to total domination of Twitter.My hopes? … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

What does Thanksgiving look like?Here's a good image... … [Read more...]

The Only Super Bowl Post You’ll See From Me This Year

As my interest in football continues to diminish (due to the increasing evidence about the severe damage that the players do to themselves and one another during a typical game), I'm only really paying attention to event peripheral to the Super Bowl.Here are a couple of links worth checking out: … [Read more...]

Want to get sad? Read Gary Kurtz on How Star Wars Lost Its Magic

What if there had been no second Death Star?What if Han Solo had died heroically?What if Luke had walked away like Caine in Kung Fu? … [Read more...]

Best Painting Ever?

Thanks to a Tweet from Peter Suderman, here's the best painting ever... … [Read more...]

The Guitar That Made the Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve Parsecs

The time has come for... … [Read more...]

Another danger of the subway.

I've seen some scary things happen on public transportation, but never anything like this... … [Read more...]