Ender’s Game goes into overtime. Family films 2009. Is Jesus in your heart?

The LA Times on Orson Scott Card's Ender series ... and the ongoing saga of an Ender movie that never gets made. (Have I ever told you I have a nephew named Ender... named for Card's character?) Again, thanks to Chattaway. -Cinematical muses over the upcoming year's crop of family-friendly films.- Stephen Lamb on why Jesus doesn't live in his heart. (Or something like that.) … [Read more...]

Stephen Lamb reports on Sixpence None the Richer’s live show

Thanks to Stephen Lamb for writing up this report for Looking Closer on Sixpence live! … [Read more...]

Browser, 7/2: Billy Collins on Bugs; Lamb on Dobson, Obama, and Democracy; Tom Waits reviewed; How to Write a Movie; Mozart or Salieri?; Christianity in China

The Wall Street Journal and a Wascally WabbitBilly Collins pays tribute to his heroes... Looney Toons characters.-Distortions and villificationsIn view of Dobson's words about Obama, Stephen Lamb asks, "What hope is there for democracy?" And he offers some notable quotes.-Tom Waits' song for the decapitated?The funniest thing about this Tom Waits concert review is that the reviewer refers to the classic song "Hang Down Your Head" as... wait for it... "Hand Down Your … [Read more...]

The Browser, 5/27: Sydney Pollack; first Coldplay review; Phillips’ single; Springsteen’s gospel; Christians & pop culture; Lamb’s lecture notes; Indiana Jones’ most painful ordeal

Remembering Sydney PollackGreenCine Daily compiles the tributes.What's your favorite Pollack film?-Over-praising ColdplayWhat appears to be the first review of Coldplay's Viva la Vida has appeared in The Sun.It's a review by Gordon Smart.Now, I'm somewhat curious about the album. I've always found Coldplay moderately entertaining, but never truly inspiring, and nowhere near riveting. But I am very curious about the vast popularity of the band, and I keep going back … [Read more...]

Stephen Lamb wraps up Calvin-fest coverage

Stephen Lamb is *still* blogging about that amazing Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing. He was able to attend the session I most wanted to see for myself. Alas, I was busy, so I'm copying Lamb's notes about a conversation between Kathleen Norris and Scott Cairns. Man, I wish I'd been there... … [Read more...]

Good News, Bad News from the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing

Good news:I had an extraordinary time at Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing. So many new friends, so many books signed, so many inspiring encounters and lectures and conversations! My friend Stephen Lamb has been blogging about his experiences there.Bad news:My laptop blew up. Yes. With smoke and everything.So, I'll be back with more details and regular blogging soon, but it'll be slow for a while here.... … [Read more...]

Sixpence None the Richer, Together Again, Live

Stephen Lamb reports on this year's most exciting band reunion, live in concert. … [Read more...]