Browser: Sam Phillips, David Bazan, Robert Shiller, economic bubbles, Bono on Easter, and Jim Jarmusch

I'm so busy editing the next strand of The Auralia Thread, Raven's Ladder, and composing new articles for Image and Christianity Today that I'm flat out of time to blog anything substantial. So here's a rundown of links that caught my attention over the last few days...There's a new Sam Phillips song on the way May 1st. David Bazan rocks Seattle Pacific University. Robert Shiller discussed Starbucks VIA, Miracle Whip, and economic bubbles, at Seattle Pacific University's Downtown … [Read more...]

Erlewine asks: Is Sufjan Stevens Vastly Overrated?

Even as one AMG reviewer praises Sufjan Stevens' The Avalanche, another -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, one of AMG's most prolific reviewers -- has posted a strikingly different assessment of Stevens' work. … [Read more...]

The best music site on the Web is going to get even better.

Andy Whitman is going to work for All-Music Guide.Oh. my. stars.Thom Jurek, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, and Andy Whitman... three of my favorite music critics all in the same place. Fantastic. … [Read more...]